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"The God of High School" is a Korean Webtoon hosted by the Korean search engine Naver ( This full colored webtoon is about a young 17 year old boy named Mori Jin, who is an orphan that was adopted by his "grandfather" (no blood relation). All his life, Mori Jin was trained by his grandfather in the ways of Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial arts); however, if viewed from an outsiders standpoint, Mori Jin's Tae Kwon Do is unorthodox. Mori Jin is invited to the God of High School (GOH) competition, which seeks to determine the strongest martial artist and the strongest martial art style; the prize being a million dollars and a wish. Throughout the competition, Mori Jin befriends allies such as Dae-Wi Han (Karate) and Mi-Ra Yu (17, Kendo). Will Mori Jin be able to take the title of God of High School with his allies or will their alliance collapse due to their own selfish desires?

The artwork in GOH is probably one of the best. It is typical of Korean webtoons, especially those by Naver, to be in full color with modern CG/shading. Colors are useful in this series to help distinguish characters, because many are introduced but have relatively minor roles in the progression of the plot.

Happy Reading :D

8/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
9.1/10 overall

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thor123 Apr 16, 2015

sounds an awful lot like Dragonball, no?

airbornefilip Aug 25, 2014

Short, good review, almost like synopsis, tells pretty much all you need to start reading. Though I believe that prize is only a wish (heh, 'only' any wish you desire :D ) and 1 million won is someone's random wish. And Dae-Wi is full-contact karate user and Mi-Ra uses Moon Light Sword Style. Only 'mistakes' in review but overall accurate.