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You should change the title of season 2 to "dark" instead...

I would have rate this 1 but ill rate this 5 in respect of season 1...

Theres no hardcore leveling warior in season 2...

From being my top list to being my #1 blocklist.   

1/10 story
1/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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RavenousGopher Jul 29, 2020

you know season 2 is considered seperate, so the reveiw you left is only for season 1, right?

sQua69 Jul 27, 2020

lol what a pussy, hclw's coming. you were just not a man enough to wait his arrival, considering him as the protoganist of the series, him vanishing has something to with the season 2. And you rated the art 1? well, excuse hclw because they can't match your trashy taste.

HorrorSeries Jun 10, 2020

But this one is about season 1.... And not only that but how does not having HCLW in the mix make this #1 on your blocklist. If that's actually the case this is the only webtoon you've read or you have read some extremely top tier stuff.