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Terible...   Posing in batle and having their touchy reunion and trash talk before they fight....   I wonder if your enemy will wait for your trash talks in real fights...   And the whole manga is covered in text that it makes it so boring.... 

You may cover the curiousity of how it works however, you throw the interest of the reader..

Theres also the. Too much coincidence and luck....  once is fine, but having coincidence and luck everytume is terible... 

  1. Goblin atacks after he just finish his revolver, then hes the only one in the vicinity
  2. He shot an arrow while he was contemplating and has a flashback for a while when the arrow was infront of his girl.. (close range) i wonder at what speed his hands and mind to beat an arrow just infront...   Its better if the athor make it like just chance of luck than make it intentional..
  3. Evil lord..   The sword was again in the head of his girl then exploded as if his bulets are explosive, and the timing of his appearance is what i hate the most.. Always at critical time... 

In addition when he met the evil orc. He uses trash talk to start his war...  This never ending war of words got me irritated... 

1/10 story
4/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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