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The Breaker

Jan 7, 2019

the story is good but, badluck strike at critical point? i'm fed up with those scenario...

art is fine but i prefer colored.

characters? this is where it falls... there is no saint who will just let go of the person who bullies you over and over with just one punch... (make it more realistic)   if someone tried to rape your love, would you still stay prideful???    its just stupid act.....   there is a limit on how a person reacts....   its fine if its mercy for the ignorant and forced but for the cruel and stuppid to bully again and again and touch your reverse scale is stupid to let go.....

the fact that every badluck comes at critical point makes the story somewhat degrading and so much boring..... and i'm disapointed with how the story proceed....

protagonist: sensei why have you turn into such terifying form?
    seriously??? is the protagonist stupid?   like he never felt enraged and nearly killed...  are you really asking stupid question when your lover was killed? and the most stupid part is when the main culprit was forgoten.... once is acceptable, twice is unbearable....

  condolence to the retard authors...

1/10 story
8/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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