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My rating chart:
5. Absolute masterpiece. Nothing unappealing. Something I could order to my country and watch it over and over again.
4,5. Very enjoyable, but something is lacking a little bit. Probably ending is messed up or some details made it a little not enough.
4. Realistic characters, it is memorable and enjoyable, but it feels like something is lacking. It seems kinda souless tho, not touching in any way.
3,5. Characters develop through series as the plot continues, with actually being realistic in some kind, but not too much, being too colored.
3. Definitely on the better side. It may have good plot, interesting characters or good quality music. No characters develop, it seems to be staying in one point.
2,5. Not memorable. For example, it was funny. I mean, fine. Nothing too good, nothing too bad. Just average. No plot to be remembered for a long time or characters that I would really like.
2. Something is not suitable. It may be errors in the way characters think (not suitable for their earlier decissions though no development of them), plot holes, unsuitable music or emotions of characters.
1,5. Forced fanservice. Anime is probably made just for money, to get the easiest audience.
1. Basic errors, like lacking any sounds effects, too loud music, graphic errors (eye hurt) etc
0,5. No morality, anime was created for degenerates and to manipulate people with hate and patological/sociopathic ideas. 1 also goes to hentai by default. Obvious copyright stealing goes here too.

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lindapearl Dec 24, 2019

Hello, welcome to anime planet. Hope you enjoy your time here