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Megalo Box

May 12, 2019

Megalobox, an anime that is mainly a celebration of "Ashita no Joe", is indeed a show that does the classic much needed and deserved justice.

||Story 6.5/10||

Although a 6.5 may sound a little harsh, it does mean that Megalobox has managed to create a good story based on simplicity and basics. The main aspect of this anime is definitely not story and that is pretty evident straight from the first episode in the way things are set up. They can be quite predictable and obvious. This is however not a weakness of this show but rather a strength. While not focusing on the story it manages to have a smooth pace that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats which is a great feat considering how simple and predictable the story is as mentioned earlier. As a sports anime it maintains a lot of the classic elements of the genre, however it also takes time to do world building, show the politics, and takes a deep dive into who controls the sport- the people behind the scenes or the actual atheletes.

Overall the story while being simple is a prefected one without any loopholes, plotholes and does a fantastic job in keeping the plot moving and highlighting the strengths of other areas such as the characters.

||Animation 7/10||

Megalobox was animated by TMS Entertainment who are no strangers to sports and action packed shows such as Yowamushi Pedal and D.Gray-man. This show is highly stylized for the purpose of evoking nostalgia among the viewers. While being stylized in such a way, uit still retains the smooth transitions and gritty shots which one could say that weren't so prominent back then. The fight scenes never felt choppy even with its human-like character design as a pose to the generic anime designs. In the down-time between the fights and action packed scenes, we had the show feel completely natural as a almost slice of life. In my opinion this was doen through the help some beautiful background art and great colors.

Animation is an area that wasn't compromised and in fact was done in a way to give respect to Ashita no Joe and other classics. This was great because they made this work while still keeping the strengths of modern animation present on the older aesthetic.

||Sound 8/10||

This is one of the strongest features of this show. The music of this show is spot with Mabanua doing this show great justice. I like how they went for rap and hop hip style rather than the generic electro or orchestral or jazz. While those generes are great too, this felt like a breath of fresh air and more importantly it felt very fitting. The soundtracks onmce again felt similar and very very fitting. The abient sounds and voice acting side of things too didn't disappoint.There not too much to say just that this show gets it very right.

||Characters 8/10||

Firstly from a design point of view I must say the characters were well made. They looked interesting and never struck as too generic. their outfits and styles too were very fitting. Secondly due to the show's apporoach we had some excellent character development and so from the pure character appeal perspective while being a more subjective point I can definitely say they were all very interesting. Joe espescially. I normally find several generic protagonists very bland and annoying as all they do is shout and scream like A LOT. I liked Joe because that side of things was more minimum and he was the type of person who let his fighting do the speaking. Nabu and Sachio too were very memorable and definitely likeable. The other characters and the way the changed and developed espescially Yuri was great to watch. Overall characters were also one of the stronger aspects of this show.


In conclusion I took the average of all the scores and would approximately give this show a rating of 7.3. It is a great watch and in fact a must watch for people that love sports animes. A warning though for viewers getting into this show expecting a real life boxing experience or wanting to explore more strategy or just pure boxing, I have to say you will be disappoint in that end as that is not what this show was about. It was more about the character Joe and his "journey" and the friends and relationships he makes in this journey. Apart from that i think the only area I personally found this hsow lacking was in the fact that i felt that this played it a little to safe often and i wished they explored more about the world and setting and politics. Apart from all that though it was a very enjoyable show and in fact if there was a satisfaction score i would give a strong 9/10 in that!

6.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.4/10 overall
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