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Lumelko Jan 4, 2014

Hoo~ Shall I make you into a tempura then? o.-

Seems like another one of those perverted jokes of yours, eh :P well too bad I won't fall for you even if it was the end of the world ^^*

BlueSlacker Jan 4, 2014

Sorry about that, I learned my lesson. 

rogueplumbob Jan 4, 2014

He he.. That's a long story, who should be kept away from public. xD Aww, that's a nice life. ^^, It's been a while since I watched anime or read manga. :O I'm spending my days gaming, watching TV and christmasmovies. :P Nowadays I'm hooked on "Frasier". O__o 

blazehack Jan 4, 2014

Chiki sensei happy new year desu xD :P :P :P sorry  I couldn't reply to your christmas wish :(

Hanamiko Jan 3, 2014

Thanks even thou its a little late and Happy new Year (: