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Evinka123 Jan 9, 2014

Dúfam, že si sviatky prežil pekne a keďže je už 9teho, tak ti teraz všetko dobré do zvyšku roka. Nech sú dni stále lepšie a lepšie :)

lexivita Jan 8, 2014

He he, no need to apologize xD

Yeah..Well.. I'm suppose to be on this thing 3 days a week. Don't know how to translate it. But they need to see if I can work or not, or else I'll be stuck with no rights in March. Even though my doctor says I can't work they have to see for themselves. Great system.. Anyway..They are actually quite considerate, so I get to sit in this room alone three hours, three days a week and just work on my book. x) I've actually come quite far on the book now. So maybe I actually finish it one day. :P 

Hanamiko Jan 6, 2014

How about just shut up? There is a reason why i didnt talk to you for a year and believe me if there would be a block list you would be the 1st to be on it what i do in my life doesnt concern you sick pedo (:

Tsukiame Jan 4, 2014

Well nope, I didn't but I was listening to I'm the best:D it was good:)

Lumelko Jan 4, 2014

Hoo~ Shall I make you into a tempura then? o.-

Seems like another one of those perverted jokes of yours, eh :P well too bad I won't fall for you even if it was the end of the world ^^*