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KeiNiwa Mar 3, 2014

"Quite" envious lol XDD

I'm right now in progress of catching up anime I missed for the past 5 years XDD

I skipped anime for 5 years to focus more on study, but since I'm now a graduate, I can freely watch them all now ~ XDD

HighTemplar Mar 3, 2014

Hi chikoritaBH!

I just sent a private message to you in the forum with a few things I would like to discuss with a mod...

I hope you do not mind reading and replaying it.

KeiNiwa Feb 24, 2014

You're welcome! =D

You got a huge list of watched anime there XDD

Poisonlove Feb 10, 2014

You watch alot of anime! Thats so cool lol.

I Love your avater.Isnt from the Hack something with blue head boy i think ^.^.