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rogueplumbob Jun 21, 2014

Chiko-chan, I miss you. (T__T) 

Maybe I should draw you as an uke and have some seme do nasty stuff to you. (*>w<) too much yaoi maybe :>

Hope you're well! ^^  

YuanXinWei Jun 14, 2014

I'm fine... busy with final exams T__T can't wait to finally finish uni & have more time for anime & other things~~ you?

Tsukiame Mar 30, 2014

Heeey there:3 It's been soo long:3 I've missed you:3 sure, it's sunako.zeref:3 add me again so we can talk:D yeah, forever alone. it's bad sometimes but now it's funny:3

Lumelko Mar 5, 2014

*Glare* TURKEYS!

rogueplumbob Mar 4, 2014

Hello! No worries. :3 Aww, I've missed you too. I'm OK x) Trying to be positive. He he. How are you? Ah, no, it's been a while since I wrote anything. For the time being both my mind and body is a mess. But I can send you a copy when I'm done! As slow as I am, you should even have the time to learn norwegian by the time I am done writing. ;p