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BakaxKait Jun 27, 2014

Well I love making friends! [even though I'm bad at replying...]

The space I live in is United States

Jmonk Jun 23, 2014

Thanks for reply.

seeing alive information, I want the websites written in Czech. Concerning websites, for the time being, I want many informations. Because I know only a few titles. If it is possible to watch, read and downloading, that's is more better though.


lexivita Jun 23, 2014

It's allowed to be busy, no worries. ^__^

You failed in you studies? :O There sure is alot on your plate. x'D Sports are boring though. :b No, actually I've seen some sports anime lately, dunno if that's really the same but it was actually quite alright. O__o

Wow. USA seems like such a scary country. With all their rules and what not. x'D Oh, but I actually met an American at this "party" this weekend. He was alright. And it was so awesome to listen to him trying to talk norwegian. x'D But yeah, your girlfriend Should be most important thing for you. <3 I would probably die if my girlfriend left me. x) Even though I'm not very good at doing this "lovey dovey" things or show that I care. O__o I'm awful I suppose. x) 

Jmonk Jun 22, 2014


Would you mind my asking for Czech Republic. The other day, I heard czech comics and animated movies are there. Do you know the websites of them? And is recent comics there?

BakaxKait Jun 22, 2014

Oh! Thank you for reminded me...sometimes I forget to update all my stuff that has my age on it.

I know my reply is extra extra extra late. But I'm doing okay.

How are you?