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sothis Oct 28, 2014

Pinging again, can you please check in in the manga and character forums asap? I noticed you've kept visiting your profile but all the mods are unsure where you've been / if you are still interested in modding

sothis Oct 21, 2014

Can you please check the manga subforum asap and frequently over the next day? There's signoff needed quickly for many tags as part of the guideline effort

sothis Sep 22, 2014

Heya, did you plan to do the chars for this series?  theres at least one char in help needed :)

Leariotic Sep 13, 2014

Heeeeeey :DDD ^^"""""""""""""""""Goooooosh I was so busy here and there and everywhere that it didn't even cross my mind to check the comments on this site O_O""This makes meh feel so lost now >_<"""It'd we weird if I wished you a Merry Christmass now? O_o Screw it. WHo cares? Merry Christmas and Happy Easter and HOOORAY IT'S SUMMER and OH NO it's over and that good stuff! :DDDSooo, anything fun going on? ^^""