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NimirRa Dec 24, 2015

Am I a terrible person?

Karina39 Dec 23, 2015

Uhmm I kind of have a question... What do you mean with 4 months and 3/4 days to get 1 month? Is it that you'd have to spend 4 months to fill 1 month on your life on anime bar? I would appreciate it if you could make it clear to me :p im kind of lost.. Sorry to bother!! 

Jakarrd Nov 19, 2015

I saw you posting stuff about it on twitter.  Congrats! 

Jakarrd Nov 18, 2015

Yeah, I log in occasionally to update lists and see what's up on the forums.  What's been up with you, little one?

NimirRa Nov 18, 2015

You had me at 'food' anime. Although I don't think anything can top Cooking Master Boy when they put STRAIGHT UP OPIUM into food to win a contest omg...