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Sianeka Mar 17, 2016

chii says...  sadly you missed my birthday.  there's even more people around the site with 'insertname here is chii' on their profiles soooooooo its kinda an old joke :P   thanks i suppose though!!

I really thought cassiesheepgirl was another account for you (I've thought this for a long time because her profile convincingly tries to encourage that belief and I believed it!!!)<-- I didn't know about that old joke...

Sorry I missed your birthday, but I wish you a Happy Day just the same.  Happy Days = Good Days, neh?  And as I -do- feel friendly towards you, I want for you to have good days! *smile*

Sianeka Mar 17, 2016

So, site says it is cassiesheepgirl's birthday today, but aren't you both the same?

Anyway, Happy Birthday and make sure you do at least one special thing for yourself today cause you deserve it!

Aqua16 Mar 9, 2016

Hi! Nice to meet you. 

Mousekateer627 Feb 20, 2016

Hi Nice to Meet you

GodzillaGus Jan 16, 2016

Chii is shining. Happy Bday.