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Yin0 Dec 13, 2020

Nah, I'm fine with the tangent.

To be honest, I could be enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen more. I even WANT to. However, some things have held me back from doing that.

Specifically the death of Yuji's grandpa in episode 1. It just felt so...forced to me. I happened to watch a video about the anime airing this season, and the person making the video said something about crying "harder than they had in a long time." I actually might have laughed at how he died. Sounds harsh, I know; but as I said, it seemed forced to me. 

Another thing was the whole "dying and coming back to life" shit. If it was done properly, with some emotional impact, I would be fine with it, as it's a common thing in shounen. But instead, Gojou acted like it was normal, and I thought that was a missed opportunity. Animes shouldn't kill characters off in the first place, and if they do happen to be killed off, they should do it in a more serious manner. At least, that's what I think. 

Sorry for the tangent and any gramatical errors. I'm on mobile at the moment.