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Hello there! Here is a small description on me incase you'd like to take recommandations from my page or to take advice from my reviews!

Info about me:

My name is chi | Im a minor | I use whatever pronouns you use! {mirror pronouns} | Im from europe | I started watching anime on February 2021

My favourite genres:

My top 10 anime of all time (+Main Genre):

  1. 86 EIGHTY-SIX (Millitary)
  2. Given (Music)
  3. Devils Line (Vampires)
  4. Vampire in the Garden (Action)
  5. Angels of Death (Horror)
  6. Btooom!! (Game)
  7. High-Rise Invansion (Thriller)
  8. Zankyou no Terror (Phsychological)
  9. Another (Horror)
  10. Happy Sugar Life (Phsychological)

My top 5 anime movies:

  1. Hotarubi no Mori E
  2. I want to eat your pancreas
  3. Given Movie
  4. Mardock Scramble
  5. Classmates

Rating System:

10-9:MASTERPIECE. Could easily be on my top 20 anime of all time. Had no flows and enjoyed it a lot. Made me feel a lot of emotions and hooked me.

8.5-8: EXCELLENT. Had no flows and enjoyed it a lot. A masterpiece, but not to me. Great generally, maybe not enough perfectness to put it on masterpiece category.

7.5-7: GOOD. The anime was enjoyable but it had some flows. They didnt keep me from not enjoying it though and i would gladly recommend it to a friend. 

6.5-5.5: AVERAGE. It was okay, and had enjoyable moments. But genuinely it was boring and not something that im into. Not that bad, just boring and forgatable.

5-4: DISAPOINTING. I didnt really like it, and wouldnt recommend it to anyone except they like the specific genre a lot. Didnt find it interesting at all but wasnt a total pain to get through either.

3.5-2: BAD. This category is for the anime i hated r didnt like at all. It was genuinely really bad and deadly boring with no interesting plot or a really bad exucatiom of the plot. Theres no character development or anything. The only thing that keeps me from not putting it in the lowest tier is that there was a concept or that the writers atleast tried.

1.5-0.5: HORRIBLE. An insult to the anime industry. Very bad, probably dropped it. Disapointing and not what i excpected. Would never recommend to anyone. The defenition of terrible.

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MystixWolf Jan 12, 2023

Hey! Thank you! I like some of yours too.

abhinav1 Sep 15, 2022

And wdym "bro you don't like concept of anime" like how many seconds does it take to check out his list for anime he gave high rating too just because he doesn't likes mainstream and overhyped garbage he is a "hater" and "he never liked anime" lmaooooo

abhinav1 Sep 11, 2022

You literally said "anime isn't for you" to a person who ia watching anime since 30 years lmaoo kid you haven't even watched a fraction of what he has watched and he have way more expertise on anime than you do 

MystixWolf Aug 3, 2022

Thank you! Apologies, I am rarely on here. And so my lists need to be updated. Thank you for the kind words though. :D

ocrazysho7s Jul 22, 2022

Can you correct the spelling of Romance in your bio. Thanks