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skrotkanon Apr 1, 2010

Same here, gonna borrow Evangelion from a friend. It was almost ten years since I saw it so thought I'd get a fresh perspective and maybe write a review just because.

Anyway, a anime you haven't got on your list that you may like is Excel Saga. It's quirky, fun and even has a good story (of sorts) to it. It also has the hunger aspect to it like Cowboy Bebop which they do even more with here, the main characters has a pet dog that is designated rations in case of emergency. While nothing like Bebop otherwise few things really are like Excel Saga. It's odd to say the least.

Otherwise there's Haibane Renmei from largely the same creators as LAIN and Texhnolyze.

skrotkanon Apr 1, 2010

Why wouldn't a review be opinionated? Even though I try and find reviews from different persons I usually also try and find people with similar tastes, that way I know a recommendation or whatever might apply to me.

Kinda a Captain Obvious thing to say but some people seem to believe that you have to be 100% objective when writing reviews, even amateur ones.

Well I'll be starting to churn out reviews so feel free to comment on any of them if you got the time.

skrotkanon Apr 1, 2010

New here and happened to see that you liked Berserk, Texhnolyze and Ghost in the Shell which happens to be among my favourites. You also seem to loathe Elfen Lied which is a big plus! ;D

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.