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jerryohiggins Sep 9, 2020

"Don't come in here and say this is more substantial than Berserk."

Berserk is "substantial"? what the does that mean? Berserk had a good story arc, but it's not exactly groundbreaking. It's  Japanese Conan the Barbarian. In some respects Berserk is just a con. It eternally goes nowhere. How long was casca a mental patient- 20 years? It'll probably be another 20 before guts finally confronts griffith

You didn't like Mushishi because you didn't get it. You like more simplistic fare. This didn't have a laughtrack or music to fill every available silence. No one got their head lopped off. There were no car chases, loli's or giant robots and the protagonist wasn't a weak teenage boy that wants to "save" everyone. Some people can only like what they've seen a million times and can't understand things outside of an easily recognizable foremat. You're just one of those people. Don't worry, they make 99% of anime for people like you.

You're like a guy that's eaten burger king every day of his life trying caviar for the first time and screaming "That's disgusting!!"

MAK2Hybrid Sep 26, 2014

I've read your review on Mushi-Shi and I got to say I feel the exact same way as you did. I don't hate it but the more I think about it, this was really a dull and repetitive series that only offers the same thing episode after episode. It got some good merits like art and sound but those two factors didn't get me sticking to it to the end.

kkondru Apr 9, 2012


Hey Great job. You seem to read my mind. I like the things you like. Do keep it up. Will be following your recommendations. I watched many anime during the last 2 years (though didn't write any recommendations), but seems to want more and ofcourse  more are being produced. Most of them are crap and very few seems to be of good quality.


Hey, why don't you go through some lighter anime too like romantic comedies too. 


There are some anime I particularly liked. Check them out if you have time


Hunter X Hunter


Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind




Samurai 7


Valkyria Chronicles





RedCrossRobbery Apr 9, 2011

Of course. People are much too quick to assume "You didn't like this series? You must be stupid. You just cannot UNDERSTAND the depth of Naruto. Derp derp derp". No, I may have disagreed on your review, but I don't disagree with the overall message. Going through some of those comments, I couldn't believe how retarded people can be. "Yer wrong, I'm right. You listed systematic reasons as to why you didn't like the series? yer dumb!". People are retarded, and I'm glad people like you exist to piss them off :]

skankfish May 21, 2010

Depends what you're looking for. I think Maison Ikkoku is great (90-something eps), and if you count both series as one, I guess GiTS SAC is a long series? Legend of the Galactic Heroes has a massive cullt following, too.