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I've come close to quitting anime a few times, but in the end, I always come back.

You'll never find me trying to keep up with the current season's schedule, though.

I love both mature and wholesome stories that are character-driven, epics and space operas, loners and rebels (Romantic heroes especially), long-haired boys, and handsome girls. If an airing show provides a few of these things, I might give it a try. They rarely do.

I prefer the style and tone of retro anime, anyway (70s and 80s especially). I'm one of those idiots who romanticizes the past.

Leave me a comment, I'd love to chat.


Cowboy Bebop                    Cowboy Bebop

Kuragehime                       Kuragehime


Paprika                          Paprika

Doukyuusei                          Doukyuusei


Seven Days                        Seven Days

MW                         MW


Captain Harlcok  Snufkin  Xiaolang Li  Hikaru Kusakabe  Spike Spiegel


Oscar  Fio Piccolo  Paprika  Sakura Kinomoto  Ursula


2 weeks logged: "Cool Runnings! The Race of the Snowmen!" (Ranma 1/2)


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AnnaSartin Sep 10, 2020

Laughing Bull has been added! Thank you!

AnnaSartin May 1, 2020

Added, thank you!

BlueGrey Mar 15, 2018

He didn't really save him just made sure he didn't get raped by someone els- Wait he wasn't even that successful.... In the later chapters ayase.... ANYWAYS! That was just used as a way to force ayase by his side

Rntt89 Nov 30, 2017

Hiyaa!! Welcome to A-P!! I hope you have a great time here!! If you need help with something don’t hesitate to ask me anything!! Also I’d love to hear from you anytime, so if you feel like drop by my profile and leave me a comment!! ^^

I hope you find this site useful and have lots of fun here!! You can check the forum here and meet many good and friendly people if you want and feel comfortable of course!!  Introduce yourself to the Anime-Planet community , you can find people with similar likings to yours and you’ll definitely have fun. For any question just ask me or you can check our FAQs here that will help you move around the site. I don't bite and I'm pretty friendly so feel free to go all out on questions. Plus I'm always glad to help people!! ;)