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Noblesse: Awakening

Feb 5, 2016

This OVA was done pretty decently. I wasn't expecting much but for what it was it delivered well. I felt fulfilled when I finished with it and thats really all that I ask for. The story is similar to the beginning of the webtoon but they crunch things together for time factor reasons I imagine. However, I think it would work as a excellent pusher of the webtoon (now if the webtoon is worth it is another matter and not really important to reviewing the OVA.) 

The animation was actually pretty good. I had no issues with it at all. I saw no mistakes in character movements like that. 

The sound was excellent. Though my tastes may be different than yours. The voice actors did a great job and I really enjoyed the opening song. It's been a while since I liked a opener this much. If your not a big fan of instrumentals though your probably won't like it as much as I do. 

The characters are what make the story and they portrayed Rai and and M - 21 pretty well considering the time constraints. I feel that Frankenstien lost some of his mysterious air that he has in the beginning of the webtoon but it's understandable they still give you a hint to the fact that there is more to him when he defeats the girl he is fighting from that organization.

My favorite character other than M-21 is Han Shinwoo in the webtoon and although pretty abreviated they got his personality and looks down pretty well. It's been a while so I cannot remember it all extremely well, but it feels like he played a bigger part in the opening arc in the webtoon than he did in this OVA. That's actually part of what turned me off about the webtoon because I ended up liking him a lot as a main character but soon after this arc he is sort of put on the back burner. I don't know if he stays that way, but after watching the OVA. I kinda feel like going and trying out the webtoon again.

Overall I'd suggest it maybe as a precurser to the webtoon. Stand alone it may be a bit difficult to just leave it as is and still be satisfied. However, that is the case with a lot of OVA's, and it was enjoyable. So I gave it a 7 overall.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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