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Dec 13, 2015

This is a great example of a series which has potential, as far as the world is concerned, and what it characters have to do to keep order... yet it feels like when I watch it, the show is insulting my intelligence. 

When thinking of the world this story is created in. I can see potential. Humans gaining the ability to use magic with a price. Excessive use of magic without protection can cause you to mutate into a devil bent on killing everyone. Then, Making a group that polices the use of magic so that when things get out of hand they can take the devil/s down. I guess it makes for a decent premise. Sure there is nothing too original about it, but the idea has promice. If done correctly, it could have some great elements to it. Unfortunately the idea behind the story and the world it is set in, is virtually the only real positive thing I can say about this series other than a few of the characters being worthwhile. The story ends up being very generic. They make many parts overly cliche and stupid yet it is obvious they are not trying to be comedic in those scenes. They are actually serious which is kinda sad. 

The animation was decent. The devils were crazy weird looking things. They didn't look nor move like humans, so I have no standards on which to gauge how well they were animated. Also, in regards to the magic warriors who took care of the devils, during combat they were wearing bulky suits that don't really allow much freedom of movement and used heavy guns so having tons of animation talent was not really nessesary. Overall, I had no complaints but nothing really stuck out as great eather, in my eyes. I am no expert though.

I did not like the sound very much at all, but that could be more personal preference than anything. Sound affects sounded weird especially with the devils. Though this is semi-expected given the type of creatures they look like. However, that doesn't change the fact that I didn't like it. Also, the people who fought the devils especially the male main character had to scream Exist as he fired his super heavy powerful gun all over the place... it was just annoying. However, as far as sound quality or range of affects. I thought it was okay.

The characters. With the exception of the male main character were unmemorable for the most part. The male main character is what took the characters rating up to a 6 from a 5. Otherwise, everything about the other characters, their motivations, and personality ranged from "ugh" to "blah" (stupid and annoying to whatever and so-so) The main character woman being the most annoying. I know I have a tendency to harp on women, but try this show out you will see that she deserves to be harped on. She is a complete idiot. A stupid character that is a glorified babysitter for devil hunters. Worse yet she shows no real need to be in the show at all except as a copy paste potential love interest. Ditsy and stupid, yet somehow motivates the male main character with her jibberish. 

If you are looking for a anime that is just action for the sake of action and you don't really want to think and can ignore stupidity as well as other annoying parts. This show is decent to pass time.

5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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