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Tokyo Ghoul:re

Nov 21, 2015

Amending Review - Wrote this many chapters ago.

Okay... anyone who comes into this manga with expectations from it's prequel. Throw them out now. You will most likely be disappointed unless drastic changes happen after the past 52 chapters I have read. If so I will update this but for now this is how it stands.

Tokyo Ghoul:RE is for the younger crowd. I would liken it to how people who sold out sound different in the music business. Tokyo Ghoul:Re so far caters to a much younger imature crowd. That is not to say you cannot find something to like in it if you are a old fan or that fans from the original work could not enjoy this one even as a whole. However, to me... it has not come close to living up to it's true potential.

The beginning makes sense. I liked it for the first little while but then it devolves further and further. Adding new characters so that they can kill them off without touching the main cast. That is one of the major issues I have with it. In Tokyo Ghoul it felt like anything could happen. In Tokyo Ghoul:RE it feels like if they are willing to sacrifice anything of worth it will not be until the very end.

The other major gripe I have is in the deaths themselves. It is completely rediculous for a human to live through having a chainsaw imbedded in his head even for a short amount of time. Tokyo Ghoul never did anything so stupid. Proving this was not just a stupid fluke they have another investigator survive a see through hole in her gut long enough to speak with others and attack the enemy. In the original manga the investigators deaths were not like this. They actually felt real, not stupid. 

The smaller gripes I have are the characters. While there are a few decent new ones. There are many completely unrelateable dumb weird characters. Like the investigator who survives the Chainsaw in the head for a little bit. He reminds me of a character from Nightmare before Christmas. I mean his face is weird. It looks like the mangaka gave a 5 year old a chance to come up with a character. As far as pointless characters we have gained and lost a bunch as I said they were created in order to be destroyed so that they could leave the main characters intact.

This manga has really gone downhill in the sequel. I mean... really badly. However, that is again my opinion based on how I liked the prequel. If you are someone who is into mainstream manga like Attack on Titan and Bleach I am sure you would still find this manga edgy and good. For me though... it has been one big disappointment so far.

7.5/10 story
8.5/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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ItxAlpha Jan 21, 2019

 I would be interested in hearing your opinion on RE as a whole now that it has finished.

Allupasa Sep 10, 2017

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all the new chapters and characters

casandra29 Jan 20, 2016

Attack on Titan is more edgy than most main stream manga, I'll give it that, and if I am comparing TG re and Attack on Titan manga's. I'd pick Attack on Titan as the better of the two. However, what I was trying to convey is that TG re is a "Main Stream" type that doesn't take artistic risks. So if your into those types then this one would be up your alley. Though if I am speaking on which is better between TG re and AOT. I'd pick AOT.

Haze997 Jan 19, 2016

I was agreeing with you till the point you said 'If you are someone who is into mainstream manga like Attack on Titan and Bleach'. What is wrong with some of you'll? How on earth is Attack on Titan a mainstream series? That thing brings more to the table than any of your mainstream series and Tokyo ghoul together do, and if I have to be honest, it felt way more mature than Tokyo Ghoul ever did.With that said, I've read the manga, and TG:RE seems to have little to do with the original Tokyo Ghoul. This thing does draw further and further away from TG and certain things like Shachi and Rize's existence don't even seem to be part of the storyline anymore. Idek what the writer is aiming with this, but TG:RE seems to be a mere way of minting money at this point. It killed everything that the Original Tokyo ghoul built up.