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Casandra's 2016 Manga Reading Challenge (Made by kotokuki)

1 Green Blood

Green Blood

A Manga that takes place outside Japan: a manga action/adventure/western. It's really a great story.

2 Honey x Honey Drops

Honey x Honey Drops

A Manga outside my usual genresI choose something from School Life genre because I avoid that Genre like the plauge. If it says school life in the genre then I don't even read the synopsis usually. This is a Romance/School Life/Drama/Sports(kinda) manga with a lot of smut and the girl is drawn really weird. I mean her eyes are abnormally big even for a manga/anime, however, it's still decent for a genre I tend to avoid. Here is a link to the anime OVA which I just finished watching. It was mercifully short so I cannot get too upset. It wasn't good though. 

3 Kouya no Tenshidomo

Kouya no Tenshidomo

A Manga released before I was born this manga came out the year I was born 1983. It's action/adventure/romance, made by the same person who made one of my favorite manga called From Far Away.

4 Spell of Desire

Spell of Desire

A Manga from a Author that I likea manga Smut/Romance/Supernatural, by the same creator as midnight secretary and other good smut/romance titles.


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