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Best Quiet Characters

These are the best quiet characters in anime or manga. I actually put them in order this time, starting with the one I liked best this time.
1 Brandon HEAT

Brandon HEAT

Brandon Heat is an exceptional character, even though he only speaks when absolutely nessesary. You can easily tell what he thinks and feels about things just by his body language. That is a awsome feat for the character creator. 

There are quite a few quiet characters out there but they usually are not main characters that are so easy to care for 

2 Nicolas BROWN

Nicolas BROWN

He is another quiet main character, though he has a good reason for this, he is Deaf. He is the kinda guy who has a slightly warped personality. He is not clearly a good guy, he is kinda in a grey area. Nicholas cares for people in his own way, but I wouldn't comsider him to be as "PURE" or as moralistic as Brandon Heat. 

3 Renji YOMO

Renji YOMO

He is also a quiet and mysterious character not because he cannot talk but because he chooses not to fill the air with unnessessary chatter. He says stuff when it's important but otherwise he seems to feel actions speak louder than words... which they do. This guy is one of my favorite characters from Tokyo Ghoul. In fact I would say I like him more than the main character Kaneki or Uta.

4 Nine


This guy is kinda quiet. He is more reserved and the loner type. He says what he needs to though. He is my 2nd favorite character in Zankyou No Terror just a close second to the detective that was the first to find them and understand why they were doing what they were doing.

5 Maiya HISAU


this lady is not super quiet compared to some of the others on this list but I still see her as a quiet individual. She is the type to speak when spoken to or else when something needs to be said. That said I liked her character quite a bit in Fate/Zero.

6 Noro


This is another mysterious character. We get to know a little bit more about him in RE as a flashback. However, other than 2 times in RE I have never heard him speak. He is someone who's silent mysteriousness piqued my curiosity.

7 Izark KIA TARJ


This guy is probably the least silent on this list. He is serious and often doesn't talk to others unless he must. He also keeps things to himself which can sometimes be a bad thing still. I felt he belonged on this list.

8 Pippin


Pippin may be a side character buit he is well loved. I know a lot of people who like pippin and he rarely talks or opens his eyes. I like his character, even though he is one of the smallest parts on this list. (He's in Berserk)

9 Kishou ARIMA

Kishou ARIMA

This is another one of those silent don't know what he's thinking but awsome fighter guys. This character I have mixed feelings about. I liked him a lot in the original Tokyo Ghoul, however, now I am not so sure. He is strong. However, he didn't kill Kaneki or Owl or the one eyed owl. Kaneki it was not for lack of trying but the others to me it felt more like he was chasing them away.

10 The Captain

The Captain

I know this guy is one of the big bad guys main hentchmen in Hellsing Ultimate, but this guy is really cool. Quiet and mysterious. Too bad we really don't get much development on him. Even though he is on the bad side. I really cannot see him with the same crazy ideals as the Major. He seems like his thing is just that he is a soldier following orders, though that is just an assumption based on how he acts. It doesn't feel like he gets off on picking on weak opponents that put up no opposition. 

11 Hugue WATTEAU


This is another quiet man that is strong. I like the strong silent type in characters (and people). Anyway, he has a big heart because he puts his life on the line to save others. He is an excellent swordsman which is another thing going in his favor in my eyes. He is not part of the few main cast, well maybe i'd call him the extended main cast.



She is a quiet character in the literal sense, with little choice in the matter. She has no head after all, unlike the others on this list who have the ablity to talk but don't. 


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