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Best anime for Kids age 8 - 14

If you wish to teach your kids appreciation of your favorite pastime. Here's some suggestions to start with. They are not in order and suggestions are welcome! I will put things about each that may be considered questionable and at what age I think it is okay. If you are a parent you probably know you should always research things before offering them to your children because what is okay for some is not for others.
1 Air Gear

Air Gear

My older son loves this show... I made a mistake with this one and now that he's seen it, it's too late. I've only watched a couple episodes of it but he kept bringing it out and showing me parts he thought were funny throughout it. That being said, this show is mainly aimed at teens I'd say. Though it looks like the average teen or pre-teen show and the subject matter in general seems tame. The show does surprisingly have some nudity. They also run from the police after the races and there are a few other parts I could harp on too. So, there quite a bit of questionable content as it gets into the story. I would put this Anime at 15 or 16+. As far as for Girls or Guys, id say it's definately got fan service for guys. But, girls could enjoy the story as well.


2 Beyblade


This show is pretty okay for any age. There is unrealistic fighting like in most cartoons with the exception of the ones for babys like Thomas the tank engine and bob the builder but if you have outgrown those. This one should be fine. My oldest son still loves this one. So it's not to say that only younger children can like this. I'd rate this one as ANY and say that it's probably mostly marketed towards boys. 

ANY (any age after outgrowing Thomas and Bob the builder)

3 Bleach


This anime is made for boys but girls will probably enjoy it as well. It is a long running anime. After the first 3 or 4 arcs the quality and subject matter go downhill and I stopped watching it myself. However, from everything that I have watched I have a pretty good Grip on this show and how old you should be to watch it. There is sword fighting and some blood (not as much as you should be seeing when it comes to sword fighting). There is some outfits that look like bathing suits and the cat that turns into a person Yoruichi, when she changes she has no clothes on but it also doesn't show anything. Clouds cover everything. Overall I'd give this one 10+ for violence, light blood, suggestive themes (occasionally)


4 Blood Lad

Blood Lad

This anime is just silly. There is a girl with really rediculously big breasts in this and she wears extremely tight stuff all the time, however, it is cute and funny. There is also fighting in this but I'd say that the show is aimed at younger teens. The manga continues on though and I am unsure about what a 2nd season of this would be like. As of now though, I'd set this one at a 13+ Depending on what you allow your child to watch you could go younger. However, there is violence, vampires, werewolves, and other darker creatures (conveyed in a light humorous manner in most cases). 


5 Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

This is one of those ones that I want to make it for 9+ but because the main characters are technically the children of satan, I cannot. This has fightin in it and although it's target audience is probably boys Girls can really enjoy this one as well. There is some fighting in this one, but, most of the show is pretty tame. Because of the circumstances of the main characters and because of the ending posession part of the fight. I'd put this as a 10+ depending on your childs maturity and what you consider okay, this number may be wrong. You may consider your child to young for this at 10 years old. So remember make your own decisions. I am just giving suggestions. 


6 Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

This is a rip off of Pokemon for the most part. I'd rate this as ANY. This is targeted towards boys but girls can like it too. Fighting between Digital monsters happen. Nothing really questionable.


7 Dinosaur King

Dinosaur King

This is yet another Young childs anime. They used to have it on Saterday Morning Cartoons. This is for any age. Although it's probably made for Boys some girls may like it too. The only thing to mention is Fighting between Dinosaurs. Though thats not really worth mentioning.


8 Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

This one really depends on if you watch the american version or the Japanese version. Master Roshi is a pervert. There is fighting, most of it is comical but definately not all of it. I'd stick this at a 7+ for the english version only. Just like I did with Dragon Ball Z. I have not watched any of the movies for Dragon Ball. So I cannot comment on them.


9 Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a fighting Anime so some parents may consider it too violent for their extremely young or overly protected children. That being said. There is little to no blood. If you buy the english dubbed versions of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z there is heavy editing done so that anything really questionable is taken out. It is a classic so it can be enjoyed by both young and old. I'd say this anime would be fine for 7 years and up. Maybe even younger would be fine. Also, though girls may enjoy it, I'd say the target audience for this show is boys. 

7+ for anime

9+ for some of the movies 

*Warning. Some of the movies are more intense for small children. Such as Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan (the sequels to Broly are not as scary for young children and the 3rd is even laughable.) However, my son was 6 when he got into DBZ and 7 1/2 when he tried to watch the first Broly. He ran out of the room when Broly transformed. He enjoys it now though so I'd say 9 or 10 for that movie for sure.

10 Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

My children love this one and so does my son's 1/2 sister. So it's good for both Girls and Boys. I'd say this one would be fine for 9 and up. This is another extremely popular one that could be fun to watch for both you and your children. It has magical fighting and there are parts that may be considered questionable to some parents of younger kids such as episodes where the characters wear swimming suits. However, there is no "adult scenes" it's all pretty innocent. But overall, this show has a positive and upbeat vibe to it.


11 Karneval


This anime is pretty good. If your kids are looking for a action/thriller type I'd suggest this one. Now, I am fighting myself between aging this one at 11+ or 12+ because there are some pretty creepy looking creatures in this one and there is a death of someone who was turned into a monster against his will. Mostly, deaths are not shown. There is fighting. However, the tone of the show at most times is lighthearted and cute. I'd say that boys or girls could enjoy this one. The target audience is less easy to see with this one, like with Fairy Tale. So I guess, taking everything into account, I'll go 12+.


12 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

This anime is actually pretty fun. Both my kids love it. It's got some parts that may be scary to younger children and there is fighting. I'd give this one a 10+ and say that both boys and girls could equally enjoy it.


13 Naruto


This has some intense parts, but its still a show for children. I'd put this show at 8+ because although there is some fighting, like DBZ it has positive themes. It's for boys for the most part though girls can enjoy it as well. This is one of those popular ones that you could potentially sit down and enjoy with your kids.


14 One Piece

One Piece

I've never seen this one and never will. I don't like the art. Though similar in art style to Fairy Tale. The main characters at least look fairly normal. The theme of this is some sort of pirates. A lot of people really like this one. It's got fighting. Both boys and girls could like it. I'd look more into this one if your thinking about it, because my rating is based on watching one episode and hearing what other people say about it.


15 Pokemon


This is a childrens show. Its good for both boys and girls though if I had to pick who it was targeting I'd say boys. Any age can watch this. There are fights between these fantasy animals they capture but none of them get really hurt or die. 


16 Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2

This show is pretty old and the story is by the same Mangaka as Inuyasha. This is one of her earlier works. In comparison to Inuyasha, I would say this one is for a slightly younger crowd. However, you have to take into account that the characters change based on water being poored on them. Like the main character can change from a boy to a girl and vise versa. There is fighting in this. It's been a long time since I have seen this show, since I have not seen Ranma 1/2 since I was a child but, I was about 9 when I first saw it and I had no issues with it, so I'll give it a rating of 9+. This show could be enjoyed by both genders but I'd say it is aimed toward a female audience.

EDIT: Because of small amounts of nudity shown in a non overtly smutty way I changed my 9+ to 10+ at a commenter's urging. Can you watch this title at 9 years old without it being too "adult" for you? easily... should you watch it at 9? Well that would depend on how you or you're parents view non smutty forms of nudity. As with all these, they are just suggestions.


17 Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

If we are talking simply Rurouni Kenshin the original anime then this one can be for kids. I'd say both boys and girls could like the anime. Although it is a samurai anime, the Kenshin uses a reverse blade sword. Meaning it's not sharp and so he doesn't kill his oponents. He has lots of baggage and they don't really go into it much in the original anime which is good if we are going to keep it child friendly. In the US when you buy it. It's called Samurai X in some cases. There is violence in this but as I said, it's toned down from the manga and the newer versions. There is a lot of comic relief as well. I'd say 10+, it is possible that it's fine for younger children than that, my younger son watched it when he was 8 years old and loved it. If your looking for a samurai anime that is child friendly. This would be the best bet.


Disregard the OVAs and newer series additions. Those ones are more faithful to the manga and also do some prequel parts that are more gory, adult, serious, and have sexual scenes in one.

18 Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Both my kids loved this show. I only watched a bit of it. However, there is some violence and although the show is obviously targeted for kids, there is some parts that would be considered scary to a younger child. I'll put this show at 10+. This is a show that can be fun for both Girls and Boys. 


19 Speed Racer

Speed Racer

This is a Oldie. I'd say anyone can watch this. It's probably back in the day made for Boys but now anyone can watch it. It's extremely old fashoned so be ready for that.


20 Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger

This show is probably a 13+ because there is a decent amount of blood and realism in the sword fighting and the ending has only a degree of happiness. It is a excellent show though. I'd suggest watching it with your kids because by the end you will probably enjoy it as well. It's an excellent anime. I'd say the target  audience is probably boys but girls can definately enjoy this one as well.


21 The Prince of Tennis

The Prince of Tennis

My older son is big on Tennis and loves this anime. There is nothing questionable or bad about it at all really. Even though the main character looks to be a bit older than in Pokemon or Digimon I'd still put this for any age and say that although probably aimed for boys girls would like it too.


22 Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

This is a girls Vampire Romance. I doubt any boys would enjoy much of it. Maybe the fighting at the end. I'd put it at 10+ simply because one of the main characters looses control sometimes and also because there is violence. The romance is Light. No Sexual tension what so ever really.


23 Vampire Knight Guilty

Vampire Knight Guilty

This is the 2nd season of Vampire Knight. I'd Rate it the same as the other except the main bad guy in this one is pretty ruthless.


24 Yu-Gi-Oh!


This is a card game anime. Ive seen some of it. There is "dueling" between magical card monsters. It's good for almost any age. I'll put it up here for 7+. Though it is mostly meant for boys. Girls could potentially enjoy it.


25 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

This is where Yu-Gi- Oh gets for a little bit older group. If they loose their duel they can be banished to the shadow realms which apparently you never can come back from. I watched a lot of this one. It's made for boys but girls can enjoy it too. I'd put this one as 9+ for violence and having more at stake.


26 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

This one is another of the Yu-Gi-Oh series, but it has a different main character. I have only seen a bit of this one. It's got the same type of thing with card monsters dueling eachother, but no more shadow realm like in the 2nd Yu-Gi-Oh so I will drop the age again.



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monsterwarrior05 Jun 23, 2022

dragon ball is atleast 13+ because nudity and it shows yk

TravelerX17 Oct 28, 2020

With most if not almost all of these anime, save Yugioh, Pokemon, and older shows, literally everything else should be around 12-13+. With Blue Exorcist, and knowing what will happen in the future, I give that a 14+ due to nudity and even then it's still iffy. This list didn't feel super accurate, because there's still a lot of questionable content in anime that younger kids shouldn't see. Save more or less all shounen for when kids are teens, and let them watch more kid friendly shows. Because there is definitely a lot of stuff in anime that younger kids shouldn't see.

LtTawnyMadison May 26, 2020

Thank you SO much for this list! This is very helpful! I have a daughter who just turned 12 and has LOVED anime since she first saw Ponyo at age 2. (Hubby and I love anime too but she is obsessed.) She and I are watching the new Fruits Basket together which we love, and there is more anime on my "to watch" list that I could not figure out whether she might be OK to see. She also currently loves My Hero Academia, which my husband says he wishes he'd caught before she really got into it because apparently there are some VERY intense things that happen. Her best friend who also loves MHA told her to watch Dragon Slayer and the 3 of us have seen Ep.1 which had a very bloody scene, so we want to keep watching to see how it goes. Any thoughts on that, if you've seen it? These are the others I'm wondering about:
Dragon Slayer
Ouran High School Host Club
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Darwin's Game
Dr. Stone
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
The Rising of the Shield Hero
Yu Yu Hakusho
Like the Clouds, Like the Wind

marta7500 Feb 24, 2020

May i have a list of anime where there is puppy love such as a pretten girl kissing a preteen boy the cheek and the boy blushes if so i greatly appreciate it

ChicanoKing Jul 15, 2018

Thanks my brothers wanted to watch anime but I didn't know what to show them