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25 Great Harlequin Manga

This list is not in any real order so don't take #1 as best. I'll write the reason for it's place in this list on each one.
1 A Wife in Time

A Wife in Time

This is one of my all time favorite harlequin. I like the going back in time to solve a crime idea. This one has a real story with a real plot and they don't just have circumstances. That is what makes this one stand apart from many of the others.

The art is decent. The idea is good and I love historical stuff.

2 A Bed of Sand

A Bed of Sand

Although I really liked this one there is plenty I could find wrong with it if I was being picky with it. For one... this woman used her bosses name to have a wedding where she was to be the bride without telling her boss so her sister and her boyfriend would get back together... this is the pretense... I was really confused by this but maybe it goes into more depth in the novel.

I must be honest. I tend to be impartial to the stories that have princes or some man of high athority. This is one of those stories. However, I must also say I do not rule in favor of any one with a prince. There are some I really hate that have princes... but I tend to be more lenient.

If you like Sheikh stories then you shouldn't pass this one up. Its a pretty decent one out of all the ones that are translated.

3 Bought For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure

Bought For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure

I like women who are still strong yet ladylike who do not waver so needlessly all over the place running away from the person they claim to love just to make them chase. 

The guy in this one seems coldhearted to some but I think he is just smart and reads people well. He also won't let people walk on him and if you pit yourself against him he plays to win. He is cautious but he is willing to take the right chances. That is the mark of a winner.

Well anyway. I like this one because of the main characters and realistic conflict. It could be said the one his father truly cared for was his son. He may have been colder than need be but a child doesn't need to be spoiled. This goes doubly so if the parents are well off if they wish to teach their child responsibility, how to handle money and deal with the real world and make it work for them. They should never over coddle them and instill certain things in them... of course this father was more cruel than he needed to be about it and also was not all that smart either with women... however, seeing that made his son grow up to be smarter about how to detect a gold digger and people who have secret adgenda's. If you look at it that way he took away from it how to become successful in both finances and relationships.

4 Champagne wa Koi no Biyaku

Champagne wa Koi no Biyaku

For a long time this one was my very favorite one. However, I cannot really give a good reason that it stands apart from the others by everyones standards. I do really enjoy it and have read it numerous times. Though I cannot really give a clear reason over this.

There is only one thing I really dislike about this one and the girls obsession with the property that her step mother put up for sale. Yes it had been in her family for a long time... but it's just a house. Otherwise though it's a good one. 

5 Dorobou wa Koi no Hajimari

Dorobou wa Koi no Hajimari

The art in this one is kinda low quality. However, I do like the story. I enjoy historical romances. Plus the girl in this one is strong in more ways than one but still has a need to be saved from herself and the pain in her heart. It's a great read.

6 Emma and the Earl

Emma and the Earl

I love historical romance. So that is a big reason this one was able to win my heart over. The quality of art is not great but the story is.

So the thing that bothered me about the story was Dominique being a jerk but pretending to be nice to a naieve girl. If he was going to play the part for the money... the least he could do was shut up about the girl being fat and stuttering. If he is going to marry for money he better be at least worth the money. If he is going to try to save face behind her back then I wished far worse on him than just getting turned down when she found out. However, later I started to like him. He was honest, I think it was important that she took him down a peg or 2. 

The story was a great one and long for a harlequin manga but many of the hstorical ones seem to be longer. 

7 Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded

Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded

I liked this one a lot. I like stories about princes but this one was not picked for that reason. I put it on this list because the female main character was so great and the guy turned out to be better than I originally thought too, It was a very sweet story.

I liked how it differed from the traditional ones where the man did not find her attractive at first but was forced to speak with her because of the situation and gradually came to respect and desire her as time went on. It would have been better if she had more confidence in her appearance because she was not ugly just wore ugly clothing. However, I guess it is to be expected given how she was raised compared to ber beautiful model sister. 

8 The Sheikh's Proposal

The Sheikh's Proposal

I really liked this one. The art is decent. Thecharacters are funny at times which is rare for harlequin manga. Usually they are only serious.

Overall the story is pretty good and so is the art and I liked the characters. The female main character was the one I liked the most. Even though she was a airhead she had talent for photos and a good personality.

9 The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride

The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride

This may be one of my favorite Sheikh ones. There is a pritty firm plot to this story. Unlike so many Harlequin manga which automatically puts it in this list. The girl irritates me at times but she wins me over slightly near to the end.

I have to say they really do a good job drawing the man in this one. That is another reason I like it. She is right he does look like a pirate and I like pirates so long as they are not Berserk Pirates.

10 Traded to the Sheikh

Traded to the Sheikh

This one was a favorite from a couple years ago and I still like it. It's another one about a prince and commoner. Though this one does have things I could pick at. Unlike some that have good reasons this one really doesnt have a reason to be a favorite but it is.

11 Trail of Love

Trail of Love

12 Angus's Lost Lady

Angus's Lost Lady

13 Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!

Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!

14 Only By Chance

Only By Chance

15 Chigireta Heart

Chigireta Heart

This is one that I absolutely hated at first but it grew on me as I re-read it.

Yes the main girl is a dumb person and really plays the victim to a T. The guy is horrible and I really didn't find solice in him being honest about why he did so at the end. That has not changed even after I re-read it a few times. It's overly dramatic and cliche in some parts with the poor misunderstood woman victim. It's also the type of art I usually don't like but for some reason it's not so bad in this one. If that is so what made it good?

 I do like that the girl could remain strong with her health condition and everyone against her for so long. That is what put the story up on my good harlequin list. Yes it's not much to go on and I really struggle on if I love or hate this one. There really is a lot to pick at in this one. Honestly even if I was pressed I would not really be able to tell you why I think of this as a good harlequin other than the reason above. I would rate it really low on the list if it was in order here though.

16 Practice Husband

Practice Husband

17 Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New

18 The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep

19 The Italian's Token Wife

The Italian's Token Wife

This one is one of those ones where a woman living in poverty still has pride. So I like it. That is the biggest reason I like this one so much. I would actually put it in my top 5 favorites if I had a list for that.

20 Three Wishes

Three Wishes

21 Amber by Night

Amber by Night

22 Code Name: Prince

Code Name: Prince

23 Honor's Promise

Honor's Promise

24 The Blacksheep Prince's Bride

The Blacksheep Prince's Bride

25 The Prince's Heir

The Prince's Heir


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