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2016 Anime Challenge created by: Larkawolfgirl

This anime contest is now over and I didn't get a chance to complete it. However, I have added a couple I didn't watch to my want to watch soon list and I plan to give them a chance, contest or no.

2017 anime that tickle my WTF! Senses.

These anime of 2017, based on their names and reading the synopsis, I could not help but wonder what any studio or artist for that matter could possibly be thinking by churning out such complete garbage. (This is not a list of...

25 Great Harlequin Manga

This list is not in any real order so don't take #1 as best. I'll write the reason for it's place in this list on each one.

Anime I plan to watch very soon

I wrote the number of episodes and weather or not it is still ongoing. (These are not in any spicific order)