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Isekai Quartet

May 25, 2019

Hm. How do I describe this show in a sentence that is both logical and … sane in any matter or form? How about: 'if You saw any of the shows in the quartet, watch this series Goddamnit'? Yeah. It sounds about right.


First - the story. 

Ok, so the story is inconsequential to the series. It really is just a way to put all the heroes from very different worlds together.

Having said that I did like its simplicity. There are stories that are dumb because the author had no idea what he/she was doing and there are stories that are designed to be simple. This show is the latter.


Second: the animation.

The animation is .. ok I guess? This series is basically ‘fan service, the anime! Isekai edition’ so I had no real expectations and boy - were they met!


Third: the sound.

See the ‘animation’ part but change ‘animation’ to ‘sound design’


Fourth: the characters.

Ok, so the characters are awesome because if they weren’t they wouldn’t be in this fan service anime. So the question is: how well do they work together, even if they are from different shows??

The answer is … pretty well actually. I was really surprised by how well the casts from VERY different shows work together. If this was an original series – I’d say the characters were designed to work with each other in perfect harmony.


Verdict: It's a lighthearted comedy with lots and lots of fan service. Do check it out if You like any of the shows involved in it. Hell – do it even if You don’t and then check the source material.

9/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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captivus Oct 17, 2019

Nocturn3 I was thinking more in line of adding things to please the audience of each isekai show like references to them to please their viewers etc. ;) but yeah - no 'plot' overdose here ;-)

NingenJanai Sep 20, 2019

Fan service? There isn't even any bewbs on this show that said maybe I'm misinterpreting your definition of fan service.