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The Abandoned Empress

Feb 8, 2020


so basically the abandoned empress is a story about this girl named tia (her nickname, calling her this because it's too much of a hassle to spell out her entire name) who is the fiance of the prince of the empire named ruve. however, when tia was sixteen, this girl from another dimension named jieun (she comes from korea) shows up at the palaca out of nowhere and seduces the prince into loving her instead of loving tia (whom he didn't even love in the first place). the prince abuses her grately and eventually even kills tia's father, causing tia to become enraged and stab the prince. she is then executed. that is the end of her first life.

after being executed, she opens her eyes again to find that she has returned to her ten year old body, as well as the world around her. she decides to live her life freely this time and not fall for the prince this time and do what SHE wants

okay ..... so i thought the abandoned empress started off fairly okay ?? the plot idea is pretty good. listen i can't rearrange my thoughts into an actual proper order so i'm just gonna say whatever pops into my head at the moment.

there are three main love rivals: ruve (the prince), allendis, and carsein (THE loml i love carsein so much he is a soft sweet boy). i don't even get why the prince is still an option, like i get that tia's family and the royal emperor's family have had ties regarding to marriage for like a long time but. tia becomes a knight for the palace...... you can't really like. be a knight AND the empress at the same time ... tia wants to be the heir to her father, she is literally his only child so like. leave her alone ..... can she just not be the prince's fiance anymore please it's literally so annoying

BUT THIS BITCH FALLS FOR THE PRINCE IN HER SECOND LIFE TOO like. GIRK ?????? your goal was to LIVE FREELY FROM THE PRINCE ????? AND NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO W HIM ??????? DO YOU NOT REMEMBER HOW HE TREATED YOU IN YOUR FIRST LIFE ?????? he abused her by literally threatening her all the time and just being an entire asshole and even RAPED her...... and made her have a miscarriage ....... AND HE EVEN KILLED HER DAD, THE ONLY PERSON SHE LOVED LIKE .......

listen this entire story's point is for tia to escape the prince SHE ISNT MEANT TO GET BACK TOGETHER W HIM IN HIS SECOND LIFE like okay i get that he is nicer but he is STILL petty, stubborn, and just selfish ??? and it doesnt change what he did to you in the past ???? hes a BAD PERSON??????? if tia doesn't actually live the way she wants to then like. what even is the point of this story. THERE IS NO POINT BRUH !!!!!! like it also teaches the reader that you should be a clueless little bitch and forgive someone that has literally DONE SO MUCH DAMAGE MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY to you ..... and fall for them ...... girl that is so. goodbye

anyways the only credit i give to the author is the artwork the artwork is absolutely beautiful but the plot ??? the story ???? the message ???? absolute shit !!!!

if you dont wanna get pressed and super fucking annoyed then please do not read this story this story is shit and isnt worth your time

also im ONLY giving characters a five for papa and carsein and the second knights they are the only ones that matter ......... the others are either insane, fucking annoying, or i want to beat them the fuck up

2/10 story
10/10 art
5/10 characters
5.6/10 overall
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