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These characters think highly of themselves, and aren't shy about sharing that fact with everyone in earshot. They're often Wealthy, prideful, selfish or Tsundere, or just have an over-inflated sense of worth due to their social status at school or in the workplace.

Bossy individuals need people to do what they want when they want it done, no questions asked. These characters often have a Big Ego.

These characters can't help themselves. They constantly yell or repeat the same name over. And over. And over. I'm looking at you, Miaka and Tamahome!

These characters are children or teenagers who use violence and other forms of intimidation to get their way and establish dominance. They are often Cruel, as well.

These characters are classic clowns with characteristics like red noses, big shoes, and giant smiles. Clowns are typically Circus Performers.

Perverts love panty shots, bountiful breasts, peeping, or groping others and have a very dirty imagination. They may also be aggressive Flirts who border upon sexual harassment.

These characters are racists to the extreme. They generally want nothing to do with other races, and may openly advocate for discrimination, or engage in discriminatory behavior. Some of the most extreme cases are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that their race is superior.

These characters only care about themselves.

A stalker spends a great deal of time following a target for romantic or nefarious reasons. They’re often hiding in the shadows, habitually following their obsession or observing them from afar.