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ReviewBonfire Oct 22, 2020

About Season 2, so you understand better what i mean.

- They skipped a lot

- They literarly skipped one of the short main fights in the Tournament Arc

- The Animation and Presentation is horrible, it looks close to Nanatsu no Taizai Season 3 in some episodes. 

And if they do the same in the other hype seasons, this show is doomed anyway.

ReviewBonfire Oct 22, 2020

Saitama becomes almost a side character in the next 3 Seasons, you see almost nothing from him. He had more Screentime in Season 1, then in 2-4 together. The other seasons will focus on the growth of a Antagonist who is basicly like Saitama before he became to strong with but with bigger goals. There will be a kinda really epic All Out War between Humans and Monsters. But because the Seasons are so bad and hard skipped, its almost not worth it. If season 3 gets better Ok, but the Studio fucked up S2 really hard and i have almost no hopes left.

It has a lot of Side Character Storys of the other S class heroes and basicly, they become the Main Characters from there on. Season 2-4 will be this Monster Arc. Then Season 5 is about the Ninja Village (where Sonic, Flashy Flash are from and which is connected to the mysterious S1 Rank Hero Blast, who didnt appear yet). Its also interesting how they show the plot of some characters and its getting kinda brutal later. Like someone who entered a village and literly murdered all children, so they wont make new Warriors for their clan.


There will be minor revelations about some of the monsters seen so far and their motivations and origins. One learns of an existence named "G-O-D" which can fulfill the wishes of others (which is probably the origin of Saitama). You also learn that the world is actually only in one compartment as you have seen it before. The rest of the world is off the sea in its own timelines. Some parts of the world have been destroyed. Some belong to the wild. In some, the era of the knights isn't even over and they haven't even developed electricity. The country where the story takes place had the greatest and fastest evolution to adapt to the events that would hit the world in the future.

ReviewBonfire Oct 21, 2020

Its still not a big comedy Anime, more like "I gonna beat those shounen chliche up" - and the characters are actually charming. 

In the Second season there will be finally the rise of one of the Main Antagnoists over more seasons and some reveals about - What is beyond this World (what kinda actually surprised me, because the world they life inside, isnt like i expected it to be.)   - Where did Saitamas Powers came from - And the main Antagonist of the entire series. 

But problem is, Season 2 is bad. They skipped so much from the Manga, rushed some of the main scenes and fights. And the Animations are also only 5/10. So they litterarly fucked up Season 2.