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No Money

Nov 4, 2020

First off that cousin is a scumbag, but anyways this "series" was good. As I was reading everyone else's comments I was really contemplating about watching this but I don't regret it. Even though this did touch some sensitive topics this series was fast-paced (which is really nice), and also has some good animations for its time period. Now I wouldn't recommend this if you're a sensitive person, but with that being said I also wouldn't recommend this if you're looking for something more erotic. I would say that this anime is in the middle of being cute and erotic if that makes sense. 

This is why I rated things this way:

  1. Story- So I gave the story an 8/10 because it was a nice story line, but it did have it't flaws at times but that is normal
  2. Animation- I gave this a 9/10 because ik this is an older anime, but I've seen better animations that were in the 1990s, but the animations in this was not that bad, so I gave it a 9/10
  3. Sound- I gave this a 10/10 it's pretty self-explanatory the sound is not bad there was nothing wrong with the sound so that was an easy 10/10
  4. Characters- I gave this one an 8/10 as well mostly because most of the side characters were assholes and I didn't really like them (except the twins, the transgender women, and that guy with the orange hair) 

So overall I give this an 8/10 which is higher than a lot of the other ratings, and I have more positive criticism, but if you watch this make sure you have headphones (unless you live by yourself) and a strong heart cause the subjects get DEEP.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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