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Experience is the father of wisdom and memory the mother. 

I am 34 something years old male inhabitant of this little blue planet called Earth. Next to my daily job I enjoy reading, occasionally watching anime and playing a game or two, whenever life allows me to. My most cherished writers are Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Andrzej Sapkowski and Steven Erikson. Once a proud member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race, now my attention is divided between PS4 and NSW. 

My taste in anime is diverse so I might not like this one anime and I may be completely in love with another of one the same genre. That said, I do enjoy to watch plotty series and love to analyze and speculate about the story, setting, characters and corresponding lore. 

I grade anime using AP's five star system, because it is that convenient. The final score is roughly calculated using the below criteria, but as with all things in life the results may vary. 

Narrative: 2,5 points, subdivided into: 

Story: 1,5 point 

I consider the genre the anime belongs to when judging the narrative. Comedy series for example, generally are less complex and are meant to entertain so the enjoyment factor will take precedent over the story. My favor goes to stories with clear direction and with proper and satisfactory conclusion. Plots that provoke thought will always receive more praise over the ones sans explanation be it visually, metaphorically or something else. 

 Characters: 1 point 

Can't have a story without a cast to tell it, can we? I value the characters based on their motivations, growth and emotional appeal. If the roster consists of likable, fleshed out individuals with a few obnoxious ones then it’s an easy pass. 

Visuals: 1 point 

Compared to storytelling I'm pretty lax in judging an anime's visuals and have no high standards for color palettes, character design or animation quality. It’s extra when the show looks easy on the eyes but I’ll not flunk it for 'poor' presentation. Thus the lowest grade I can give to any anime is a 0.5 because making it did require someone's effort even if there are no other redeeming qualities to it. 

Enjoyment: 1,5 point 

The viewing experience during and after the series is the penultimate factor that separates the (nearly) flawless (5.0), superb (4.5) and excellent (4.0) shows for me. On rare occasions this elevates a series to 'guilty pleasure' status (e.g. H.O.T.D. and Murder Princess.) Some other variables contributing are the choice of opening/closing animations, dub/sub quality, filler to relevant episode ratio, etc. 

If you’ve managed to get this far to read this then I thank you for your time, dear visitor. I am always up for a healthy discussion about pretty much anything so hit me up. It might take a while to reply but I will always try to do so. 

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DesertShirt May 11, 2023

Agreed! Chris needs to be hunted down by the Belmonts and sent to his grave! 

Curiousmadra Aug 4, 2022

I appreciate your comment dude on my "Summer Rendering" review!

Nyako22 Sep 8, 2021

lol true

DavidWP Jan 9, 2021

In repsonce to your comment on my review: both but your about 9 years late to the party

Rascal Dec 28, 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave that comment! I'm glad at least someone appreciates my reviews ^.^

As for FLCL, it depends on how you look at it. It's a sequel to FLCL so I never expected it to be about the exact same thing, but it did have a lot of similar ideas for youth and growing up, especially progressive, which is my favorite of the three. They also do the same experimenting with styles and stuff. So I guess we just see it differently. A lot of people judge the newer ones with a lot of bias since the original has such a cult following, but any kind of follow up would have disappointed most fans tbh.

I was impressed with the devotion and energy it was made with, and it has a soul of it's own for sure. I respect your opinion on it though.