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ScorpioVelvet Oct 27, 2017

My pleasure.

And also don't forget Purple Eyes In the Dark, Magic Knight Rayearth, and X.

ScorpioVelvet Oct 27, 2017

Those are some good selections you've got there I, brelyn. :)

brelyn Oct 27, 2017

I watch a variety  of anime Fruits Basket, Black Blood Brothers,Junjou Romantica, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note ,Detective Conan , Dragon Ball,Dbz,Rurouni Kenshin,Hellsing,Hellsing Ultimate,ohshc,and Kenichi the mightiest disciple just to name some.

ScorpioVelvet Oct 27, 2017

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

I see your point on my favorites you've watched. You should watch Sailor Moon, I've always loved watching it since my childhood. I'm also glad you're getting into both X and Magic Knight Rayearth, they're both Clamp's best works. Purple Eyes In the Dark was an older manga that dealt with wereleopards, it's really interesting concept yet very good to read if you're new to older manga like that. I wish they would make an anime out of it, though. Good luck on finishing Dimension W.

Monkeyofdoom44 Oct 26, 2017

Hello, Welcome to Anime-Planet. I am a member of Weco, Anime-Planets welcoming committee.

If you have any questions you can see if your question is answered (here) or you can comment at the bottom of my profile page. If you don't know what anime to watch, weco has taken the liberty of making a short list of anime to start with (here).

You can sort the anime you are watching, have watched, or want to watch on your profile page. You can also add lots of cool things like gifs or picture so customize it to your heart's content.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any issues or just want to chat. I hope you enjoy your time with on Anime-Planet. Have a loli, remember to pet it.

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