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ScorpioVelvet Oct 28, 2017

No, I have never watched Yuyuhasho.

ScorpioVelvet Oct 28, 2017

Am finally glad to see you've written about those shows your like, strongly agreed on Fruits Basket and Timon & Pumba. :)

brelyn Oct 27, 2017

A show I'm looking to watch is the next major series when it comes to the Internet 

ScorpioVelvet Oct 27, 2017

I see, sounds good.

Fruits Basket was one I didn't wanted to see ended now because there more in the manga.

ScorpioVelvet Oct 27, 2017

Same here, and you're very welcome.

Maybe you should do a list on all what you've watched with description added in someday, like I have. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on all you seen. :)