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Story- do i really need to explain it here. this piece of horse shit is just the same naruto movie you seen before just with a new place and villan. and yet again naruto has to have a person of royalty with him and yes its a girl. gee most of the naruto movies involved him with a princess that does not like him at first then he goes through the whole movie doing that "DRAMATIC HERO SPEECH" to them over and over again. then they warm up 2 him. now as cliche as it sounds i would not care if they did it 1 time hell even 2. but they do it for EVERY movie it makes me want to facepalm. and of course the princess has a dead mother. but hey this is naruto every one has dead parents in here. those sick parent hateing fucks.......if i point out all the things this movie had in common with all the others we would be here all day. 6/10

Animation- animation is strange here the background and towers look AMAZING but the characters look to cartoony and not very detailed thus makeing it very messy.  even though they did do some short cuts here and there. and when the people all stand perfectly still while there mouths are moveing or it gets choppy at parts. but all in all it was nice to look at 7/10

sound- music was ok hell it was not even memorable. just sub par 5/10

characters- lets start out with the villan he is the most cliche villan you can think of. he was annoying also because most of his lines were the "you can escape my ultimate power" or the 'hahaaha you cant beat me in my ultimate form" or my favorite "time to use my super PWNSAUCE MOVE ON YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" ha was bland stupid and just trash. naruto our hero seemed to lose all character developement and he is back to rushing into battle like a retard AND have people constantly same his little traffic cone  colored ass. sai he does nothing. just does 1 jutsu. sakura same thing as sonn as the whole time travel thing starts up her and sai are not there. so ya no point in those 2. yamato does nothing except till the end just so he could save naruto from death at the last second. and now the princes well she has little to know personality hell the brick walls had more character then her carrot top ass. 6/10

overall- i hated this movie. its like they didnt even try. same old formula as always. if they keep this princess saveing thing up naruto might as well be mario. oh and the one thing that pissed me off to no end was how they defeted the villan. ill give you a hint. like EVERY SINGLE VILLAN BEFORE HIM a out of the blue resengan. even funnier the scene was also the same damn thing as the other villans he charges them the villans like :you cant stop me in my ultimate form" instead of moveing out the way he just stands there picking his nose while he flies at them the villan shoots stuff at him and with the power of the shonen way his rasengan cuts through it like butter and kills the villan. so ya it was a big middle finger to the fan base in general. 6/10

6/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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bocoom Aug 1, 2011

trust me i would have given this a zero but like i said the towers and background were good to look at. i enjoyed some parts but they were few and far between. i was just being a little nice

Tinydestiny Aug 1, 2011

Lol that kinda seemed exactly like my review only I have no idea why you gave it such high marks...