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Code Geass R2 showcases a hentai featuring Kallen, CC and Shirley each taking turns to get it on with Lelouch. For all you virgin fanboys who are now foaming at the mouth of course this doesn't happen but I am inclined to believe that if the producers did run with my idea Code Geass R2 would have been largely better. What? Watching 3 girls make love to a guy is better than Code Geass? Well it would certainly have a more coherent storyline.

So what is wrong with Code Geass R2? Apart from the exagerated, continuous mecha battles and the poor scene switching ability it seemed as though the producers took turns to blindly throw darts at a board with various plot devices on it then run with whatever they hit. Not only does the show feel this random, it is like they are throwing three darts at once. Meaning in the space of a few episodes there were simply too many plot devices and twists introduced and it started to feel like the show was trying too hard to make a 'new surprise' each episode. On top of that as if hearing every character shout 'where is zero' at least once isn't bad enough at one point I was more confused as to Zero's whereabouts than the actual cast was. And they were in a freaking different dimension!!!

Basically Code Geass R2's storyline is constantly changing and becomes stupidly confusing and rapidly lost my interest. At the end though it manages to crawl its way out of the shit pit by delivering a spectacular ending which made me feel somehow cheated by the show. Its as if Code Geass completely ignored the saying 'Its the journey that matters, not the finish'.


Character designs and overall graphics are great, the only problem I found with the shows visuals was Ohgi. For some reason he always looks distorted and his hair looks really weird throughout the show. I don't know if it was on purpose or not but his face creeped me out.

Opening/ Ending themes were OK, as in 'I'll listen to them once, then skip them and never download them or listen to them again' OK. I do however gives a round of applause to the various included instrumntals and overhanging pieces. They were quite enjoyable and helped set the mood of that current situation


Lelouch returns as our confused protagonist. Confused? But Lelouch is the smartest, the greatest, the most strategic.......Well in this show he loses the plot. Every episode he comes up with a new reason to continue his struggle against Britannia but even changes this goal to other random missions or ideas. This not only pushes away his subordinates but also any viewer who I can guarantee will eventually get sick of his bullshit.

Suzaku has got to be the most annoying hero I have ever encountered in an anime. By the end of the series I was an inch away from punching my moniter every time his face appeared on screen.

As for the rest of the cast, pick your faves and enjoy the few moments each is in. Seemingly important new characters and even older important characters end up having minor parts and are lost to the incoherent storyline.


So what can we discern from this?

Well as the final credits rolled I breathed a sigh of relief as I didn't have to hear about the Geass agin and would never have to endure seeing Suzaku's fucking face again. Would I recommend this? If you watched the first series, you may as well watch the second series if only for the wonderful ending.

Just don't have high hopes for the series as I did as it is completely overshadowed by its predecessor

5.5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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