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BL Comics with Good Storylines

This is a collection of bl comics that I enjoyed reading and think have good and enjoyable storylines. The storylines of these comics are funny, heartwarming, realistic, and uplifting. There is only a moderate and needed amount of drama. (If you have recommendations for something similar, please let me know. Thank you :D )
1 After We Gazed at the Starry Sky

After We Gazed at the Starry Sky

• beautiful and heartwarming

(manga) 🫶

2 Again (Gongtae)

Again (Gongtae)

• storyline is based on time travel and is around an actor.

• it is very well put together

• the characters are amazing and so is the art.

• also, this is a yaoi


3 All About Lust

All About Lust

• cute and fluffy storyline with adorable characters

• also, this is a yaoi


4 A Lucky Coin

A Lucky Coin

• heartwarming, dramatic, and realistic storyline that shows an amazing bond between the main characters


5 Ao ni Naku

Ao ni Naku

• the story is really good • funny but sad in a way • well written characters and great art • somewhat a yaoi (manga) 🫶

6 A Relationship Before Becoming A Real Item

A Relationship Before Becoming A Real Item

• cute and wholesome story • sweet characters • great art • short story (manga)

7 Ascend


• cute, comic, and uplifting storyline

• funny main characters

• unique art


8 Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence

• this manga is adorable 

• it's a cute story of an expressionless guy and a popular baseball player

• there is no toxic drama, it's just them resolving their misunderstandings and learning how to communicate better

• the art is nice

• also, this is a yaoi


9 Beast's Storm

Beast's Storm

• the concept is similar to an omega verse

• the whole plot and characters are just adorable

• there are 5 volumes till now, and there is an adorable child from the next one!

• one of the cutest mangas ever and it gets better with each volume


10 Be My Villain

Be My Villain

• great plot, not solely focused on romance • has actions and sci-fi elements • characters are well-written • really enjoying reading this (manhwa)

11 Best Actors Life: Take-Two

Best Actors Life: Take-Two

• good reincarnation storyline and there isn't as much drama

• decent art

• it was a bit slow for me, but I liked the story


12 Beyond Memory

Beyond Memory

• cute, funny, and sweet storyline where the main characters have a unique superpower

• the art is pretty good and the relationship development is so nice


13 Biting The Tiger

Biting The Tiger

• beautiful and wholesome storyline with fantasy elements and good art

• the characters here are probably the nicest ones ever

• this is not yaoi, but the side stories are


14 Blooming Darling

Blooming Darling

• a cute and fun storyline

• the characters are adorable

• no drama at all


15 All About My Two Dads

All About My Two Dads

• a very short and adorable story

• about childcare

• very wholesome


16 Bokutachi wa Mada Aoku

Bokutachi wa Mada Aoku

17 Breathless Momentum

Breathless Momentum

• this manga is so cute!

• no toxic drama or anything

• the characters are adorable

• and, the art is great as well!


18 Butai ni Sake!

Butai ni Sake!

• the story is deep

• it is more about the trauma of the protagonists, but it's not dark


19 Can't Take My Eyes Off You!

Can't Take My Eyes Off You!

• cute, funny, lighthearted but a bit dramatic storyline

• the art is pretty and I like the characters 


20 Can I Buy Your Love from a Vending Machine?

Can I Buy Your Love from a Vending Machine?

• short, sweet, and wholesome story 

• the art was nice and the characters are very cute 

• it is kind of a yaoi


21 Checkmate! Capture My Heart

Checkmate! Capture My Heart

• first, I love this author's work

• second, the concept is unique (sisters helping brothers get together)

• you might feel like it's dragging sometimes, but it's still funny

• and third, the art is gorgeous, and the characters are adorable ~


22 Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

• cute and fun storyline

• I have read four volumes (29 chapters), and there is hardly any drama

• the overall concept is nice

• the art is great


23 Classmates


• there are 4-5 volumes (but it can be very confusing after the second one)

• the story is realistic and cute 

• the characters are great, and there is a lot of character development 

• art was pretty decent 


24 Comfort Rewinder

Comfort Rewinder

• cute, realistic, and heartwarming storyline

• I like the relationship between the main characters. It's sweet and the couple are always there for each other. It is a little emotional yes, but it's not dramatic or anything. 

• also, this is a yaoi


25 Cupid in the Rainbow Trap

Cupid in the Rainbow Trap

• a cute and  funny office rom com with a charming storyline and little bit of fantasy aspects 

• beautiful art and characters 

• also, this is a yaoi 


26 Cupid is Struck by Lightning

Cupid is Struck by Lightning

• sweet and simple plot

• the pace is great

• the characters are cute (but not too cute)

• the art is great!

• I honestly didn't want it to end :')


27 Dawn of the Dragon

Dawn of the Dragon

• well written storyline • great art and characters • definitely enjoying reading this • it's a yaoi (manhwa)

28 Dekoboko Bittersweet Days

Dekoboko Bittersweet Days

• it's a cute love story of two highschool boys

• the art is really good and the story is also general, but it's not boring

• there are two volumes and two extra chapters (and there is a little drama in the this one)

• also, this is a yaoi


29 Does The Flower Blossom?

Does The Flower Blossom?

• this manga has a lot going one. The story is good. • there is so much character development and all the characters are really well written. • it builds up really nice. • I still think it's incomplete. I think there is one more volume. • also, this is a yaoi (manga) 🫶

30 Don't Touch Me (Leenong)

Don't Touch Me (Leenong)

• the story is good. The flow is great

• the art is great too 

• waiting for more updates


31 Dragon's First Crush

Dragon's First Crush

• one of the sweetest manhwas ever

• the plot is nice, the art is pretty, and the characters are so lovable

• no toxic drama or anything 


32 Dream Sign

Dream Sign

• simple, cute, and funny storyline with some fantasy aspects

• the art is nice

• also, this is a yaoi


33 Engraved on My Heart

Engraved on My Heart

• a sweet, cute, funny, and realistic storyline with amazing characters 

• good character development

• the most beautiful art (only  my personal opinion)


34 Everyday is a Good Day

Everyday is a Good Day

35 Fall for Me! (Iro)

Fall for Me! (Iro)

• cute and fun storyline with fantasy aspects

• good art and cute characters 

• also, even though there is a tag, this is not a yaoi


36 False Memories

False Memories

• volume one and two each has different couples

• the storyline is a bit dramatic, but overall it's cute

• the art is nice and the characters are your usual office workers (nothing fancy)

• also, this is a yaoi


37 Farming for Love

Farming for Love

• short , funny and sweet story

• great characters

• black and white

• also, a yaoi

• didn't read the side characters' story (I hate one of the guys)


38 Fools


• adorable, funny, and a bit dramatic storyline with good character development


39 Full Volume

Full Volume

• cute and funny storyline with the perfect amount of drama, along with charming characters

• also, this is a yaoi

(one of my favorite ones)


40 Futari de Papa Hajimemashita

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita

41 Glasses Cloth and Playlist

Glasses Cloth and Playlist

• cute and funny story • black and white • the characters turn from enemies to lovers • 0 drama • also, a yaoi (manhwa)

42 Glow!


• It is not a love triangle (I thought it was) • the story is very well written. It is funny, sweet and a tad bit dark. • the art is pretty and the characters are great. There is so much growth in some characters. • but the ending felt incomplete. (manga) 🫶

43 Hanakoi Tsurane

Hanakoi Tsurane

• This is an exceptionally well-written manga! The storyline, the dialogues, the character development, the kabuki world, and the art, everything is just amazing. • I would recommend giving it a try 🙌 • also, this is a yaoi (manga) 🫶

44 Harenochi Shikibu

Harenochi Shikibu

• cute and wholesome manga

• the characters are just adorable

• the art is great as well

• it is colored!


45 Haru to Natsu to Nacchan to Aki to Fuyu to Boku

Haru to Natsu to Nacchan to Aki to Fuyu to Boku

• cute and funny slice-of-life plot

• the characters are adorable, and their relationship is goals 

• also, the art is really good


46 Heart no Kakurega

Heart no Kakurega

• the story is just great • meeting new people, becoming a family, falling in love... everything is beautiful ✨ • the art is good and the character development is really nice. • this is a yaoi • also, this author's mangas are always a treat! (manga) 🫶

47 Heaven Official's Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing

• this is one of the most beautiful comics ever. The art is just amazing.

• the story is so well written

• do read this!


48 He Is Beautiful.

He Is Beautiful.

49 Here U Are

Here U Are

• very realistic, positive, and balanced storyline

• great characters and character development

• nice art

• not a yaoi, even if there is a tag

• the drama is quite appropriate and shows actually what people are going through


50 Hige to Suzu to Shabondama

Hige to Suzu to Shabondama

• realistic, funny and non-dramatic plot 

• the whole story is around two couples and their daily lives 

• both the art and the characters are amazing

• reading this just made me happy 



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