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All Boys Sports Anime Series

This list contains extremely entertaining, informative, motivating and relaxing All-boys Sports Anime Series. Each and every anime in this list has its own beautiful journey which showcases the characters' friendship, teamwork...

BL Comics - Light-hearted

This collection contains BL comics with - • cute, funny, simple and wholesome storylines • feel good vibes • no complicated and toxic stuff • mostly fluffs (something relaxing to...

BL Comics with Good Storylines

This is a collection of bl comics that I enjoyed reading and think have good and enjoyable storylines. The storylines of these comics are funny, heartwarming, realistic, and uplifting. There is only a moderate and needed amount...

Childcare / Child Related Historical Manhwas

This lists contain of historical manhwas where either the children are protagonists or are one of the main characters. Most of the Manhwas here have the "isekai" concept and the overall storyline is good.

Good Historical Martial Art Manhwas

There are so many martial arts manhwas and manhuas. This list is comprised of some of the manhwas I thought had well written story lines and characters. If you have any recommendations, please comment them as well!

Historical Manhwas with Good Story

This is a collection of historical manhwas which ( I think) are good stories. These manhwas have engaging and well structured plots, charming characters, and attractive art styles. There is drama, mystery, comedy, romance, etc...

Lighthearted Anime

This collection contains anime with - • good stories • feel good vibes • no complicated and toxic stuff • mostly slice of life genre ( something relaxing to watch to take a break...