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I don't really know what to put as a profile.

I live in Portugal, and I'm too old to be called joushi.

I consider myself to be an otaku but I've live enough of a double life that some people might not have noticed.


That exept for the fact that real life isn't manga and that i'm not an OL...
I love Sci-Fi and stories about otaku or working age people,

I tried to make a list about my preference Slice of Life - Adults in Anime

Although I'm a girl I have a shounen mentality so some of my favorite animes are some such stories.

But then again, I could never forego a good josei or BL romance story either.

This one caught me by surprise recently

Ao no Flag

I hope you can drop me a line or two of anime/manga recommendation!

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JadedDragos Apr 10, 2019

Was going through and seeing who was following me and I saw yours, so I followed back. =-)

Looked through part of your watched list and I saw some good stuff, some of it I watched and some are on my wait list. Drop a line sometime if you want. -waves-

xkuhaku Nov 30, 2018

Haha I'm glad too!!

Wow what a coincidence~~ This is my first time someone told me Kare Kano was their first shojo :O

Ofc! What genre are you into these days?

Erela Nov 9, 2018

Hey thx for following, I’m now following u ^_^

love your profile <3

xkuhaku Oct 9, 2018

Hello and thanks for the follow!! I also followed back~

Your picture of Shin-Ah gives me life <3 He is a beautiful creature that must be protected (/ToT)/

aeab32 Sep 16, 2018

Hi, was wondering what you have been watching this season and what you plan on watching next season.

For me, I have watched quite a few good anime and a few ok, I also dropped a couple for the sheer boredom it put me through.

Firstly the Violet Evergarden special was amazing like the rest of the series. I also am loving the bed and breakfast for the spirits - lovely romantic with plenty of eye candy. Another eye candy one this season has been the 100 sleeping princes and the holmes anime. The holmes anime has also got problem solving involved which I love. Another anime with problem solving and spirits that I liked is the We rent tsukumogami, which is based in the edo era. The muhyro and roji Investigation one is ok, though I find the characters a bit mis matched with the content of the anime.

I liked the cells at work one, for the sheer edutainment of it - I remember watching similar programs with my son when he was younger - it also gives osmosis Jones a run for its money.

The Flavours of Youth movie I found to be really good, though that may be because of my age and that I reminesce about my own life. 

The starlight Promise was an amazing film to watch, I was crying really badly at the end. This one is certainly on my rewatch list.

I havent got many I want to watch as of yet for Autumn, so may just catch up with animes I have stalled or are on my want to watch list.