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tetra Oct 14, 2007

I started watching yaoi about at the same time I started to watch anime, so most of my favourites are rather old ones. Sure, the new stuff is better animated, more explicit and better produced. 

But nothing can beat the feeling of finally get hold of a yaoi I have been hunting for months, and finally finally managed to download.

And from the old ones my absolute favourite is Ai no Kusabi. With the rather cheesy Level C in a second place 

tetra Oct 14, 2007


Do I sense a fellow yaoi-lover? If so, warm welcome to our glorious anime site! If not i guess you are welcome anyhow ;)

OneiChan Oct 13, 2007

You have seen a lot of the things on my saved list ^^ How did you feel about Gravitation? I plan to watch it really soon.