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      Hey what's up! I'm like just about everyone around here in that I love anime, but I have interests in many other areas. (mostly reading, writing and gaming) My dream would to one day become a famous and respected writer, preferably to do novelizations, scriptwriting, critical reviews, and/or original stories of many famous manga/video games working full time. I feel the stories of many famous manga/anime/cartoons/comics/games are over-looked simply because there are stigmas against their mediums of origin. I hope to change that notion by creating great stories that can appeal to any audience. 

Inspirations for my writing: Gaming

- Eric Nylund & Joseph Staten (The two creative minds behind the Halo series from Bungie Era 2001 to 2010)

- Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley (Co-directors, Lead Designers of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

- Kevin Levine (Creator, Director of System Shock and Bioshock series)

- Marc Laidlaw, Erik Wolpaw, & Chet Failszek (Half Life & Portal series lead writers)

Inspirations for my writing: Anime and Related Material

- Shinichiro Wantanabe (Director of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo)

- Akiyuki Shinbo & Yukihiro Miyamoto (Creative Director and Series Director of Madoka Magica)

- Tetsuro Araki (Director/Episode Director of Gungrave, Black Lagoon, Death Note, and Attack on Titan)

- Seiji Kishi (Director of Angel Beats!, Assassination Classroom, Yuki Yuna is a Hero)

Inspirations for my writing: Film

- Christopher Nolan (Director of Interstellar and The Dark Knight trilogy)

- Alex Garland (Scriptwriter/Director for 28 Days Later, The Beach, and Dredd)

- Martin Scorsese (Director of Goodfellas, The Departed, and Wolf of Wall Street)

- Michael Mann (Director of Heat, Public Enemies)

- Quentin Tarantino (Director of Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill)

Inspirations for my writing: Fantasy & Fiction

- Brandon Sanderson (Author of Mistborn)   

- Roger Zelazny (Author of The Chronicles of Amber)

- George R.R. Martin (Writer, Producer for A Song of Ice and Fire).

- Jack Vance (Author of Tales of a Dying Earth)

- Ursula K. Le Guin (Author of The Earthsea Cycle)

- Terry Goodkind (Author of Sword of Truth)

Inspirations for my writing: Critics

Michael Burns "Protonstorm" & and Alex Cook "Grex" of The AniTay

- Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku

- Roger Ebert of The Chicago Tribune

- Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw of The Escapist

- Demolition D ("DouchebagChocolat") of Youtube

- Colin Cowherd (The Herd)

I hope to be amongst the heavy-hitters of the creative pantheon of the world someday. 

A note about my profile: The primary purpose of this profile is to capture my emotional experiences with the anime I watch, as to preserve the pristine raw experience that comes along with watching an anime series. This allows me to revisit my thoughts/feelings about a series without having to rewatch it, which is handy as a university student with limited time. My reviews are meant to be long, arduous, and an in-depth look with my experience relating to an anime and is more a diary than help myself come to terms with these unique experiences in this somwhat odd medium. And then move on. Not necessarily to advertise a series, or be an objective analysis to "win" over viewers. This profile mostly came about as a result of the "P.A.D.S." [Post-Anime Depression Syndrome; its a thing] As for scoring: the main metric I go by is comparative scoring. So a series will be rated based off how much I enjoyed it compared to other anime. Unlike some of my contemporaries on this site and elsewhere, I don't view a series looking for flaws. In an optimal world, I'd rate everything I watch a 10. (Which, I know is somewhat conflicting with how I score. Just bear with me.) How this profile ultimately will end up, and how I generally limit myself from over-scoring, is that anything I rank above a 9 score will ultimately be my top ten list. Currently, I only have three anime that I've ranked above a 9 on Anime Planet. These are...

- Steins;Gate (10/10)

- Madoka Magica Film Trilogy (9/10)

- Mawaru Penguindrum (9/10)

I'm open to any and all fellow enthusiasts. I only started writing reviews in the last few years. As a general rule: I only write reviews for shows that I've just finished. There are a number of other anime that I would have in my "top ten" and/or a 9+ score (Including titles like Mushi Shi, Cowboy Bebop, and Yu Yu Hakusho) that I refuse to list or review until I've had a chance to thoroughly rewatch them; preferrably in a binged fashion. I also try to commit myself to writing a review before deciding to take a chance on an anime series- which hopefully will create a more "even" profile where I don't just have universally positive reviews. In any case, thank you for stopping by. Feel free to drop a comment on my profiles or reviews and I'll try my best to respond! 

- Blitzburns4

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Bacon41 Dec 26, 2018

Thanks for the note! I'm super impressed by how detailed your reviews are, and how many you have. That much writing is just... Wow.

Also, shout out to AniTAY. Saw you mention it in your profile, one of the few places outside Kotaku I've noticed that.

brat Mar 30, 2018

Hi, thank you. I will surely be reading you reviews.

Crizy Mar 27, 2018

Hey thanks for following back ;) I've also read your profile page and looks like you wanna write novels ! Looking forward to it and feel free to hit me up so I'll check what you made ;)

What's your favorite Anime Music (if you listen to it) and your favorite(s) Manga and Anime ?


Bildergebnis für Anime No Game No life

TK8305 Dec 8, 2016

Your welcome!  I shall check out your animu reviews sometime!  :3

TK8305 Dec 8, 2016

Heya Blitz!  TK here a big time anime fan!  What up?  Btw, followed you!  Hope you can back!  :)