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Characters I Initially Didn't Like

This list is for characters whose opinion of I changed, either as the series progressed or after I finished watching the series. One character in particular was the inspiration for this list

Characters Who Deserved Better

These are characters who are extremely nice who had fates they didn't deserve happen to them. Whether it be getting rejected by their crush, or suffering the permanent loss of a family member, what happened to these characters...

Comic Relief Gone Wrong

Ya know, I haven’t done a list in a while (partially because of a lack of motivation and partially because of a lack of ideas), but I think this is an interesting topic. Every anime seems to have some form of comic relief...

Grading Every Main and Secondary Character From Battle Game in 5 Seconds

It has been a while since I made a list, and having just finished this anime, I think a character grading would be a solid way to get back in the hobby. The anime was decent, though I did find some of the characters and their...

My Favorite Character from Each 2022 Anime I Saw

The list isn't just limited to anime made in 2022, but can include anime I saw for the first time in 2022, so a series made for example in 2014 can quality if I saw it this year.