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I am one of the mods for the chat site. If you are here because you're banned, it was because you didn't follow the rules listed in chat. If you're here to argue, be aware your ban can be extended for arguing. If you have a question regarding a ban, leave a comment for a channel mod, don't try to get back into chat to ask questions, that could result in extending your ban for ban evasion.

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helloanything Feb 12, 2017

let me understand, you say something that really offensive (yes i got really offended but what you said), i get mad and say go kys and you bann me? why? you got offended?

Regios May 22, 2016

Hey Betholas, cheers for replying.

I do get it, and that is fair. Although I see the need for the rule, I also do think the punishment is hard. Again, I do see the need for it. I'd flip if it was something I genuinely followed. So I get it. As I said earlier to Service. Nothing else can be done, so that's it. I just hope that there is little need for it in the future - the bans I mean.


SpanglishJC May 18, 2016

Here is that comment I am leaving as per your request (sort of). Hello.

Sianeka May 12, 2016

Hai! Sianeka here.  Your bio profile says to leave you a comment, so here I am, complying! *wave*

Anonymeuss May 3, 2016

If you are the betholas from the chatroom, why did you ban me along with my brother(the mah*******)? Couldn't you have banned him without banning me?