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This was quite possibly one of the worst shows I have ever watched - and that's saying something.  This wasn't even one of those shows that's so terrible it's hilarious either.  It was just awful.

The animation was muddy and ugly.  The average soundtrack was completely wasted on this piece of work.

The characters were extremely cliche and downright boring to watch.  Each episode has pretty much the same plot as the one before it: Taito tries to save/protect Himea and gets beaten up and killed repeatedly.  He never gets stronger, he never becomes smarter. He just continues making the same mistakes over and over but expects different results every time.  The plot is weak to start with and doesn't really go anywhere.  The ending leaves you with no closure.

When someone asks me what the show is about, I don't even know how to answer them.  It's about a vampire girl, Himea, makes Taito her protector by biting his neck.  Then he can't protect her so she gets abducted and then he forgets about her until she is freed.  He constantly has to save her from the government? from other demons? from other humans? from other vampires? from other paranormal entities?  from herself? from her lust for him?  None of this is really explained.  You never know why the military has an interest in their school or why anything really happens.  Like most action shows, it has a "training" arc, but doesn't really accomplish anything.  Unlike most action shows, no one gets any stronger, no one learns anything, and that leaves me feeling like I don't give two hoots about this show.

The student council president, Gekko, has a substantially better and more interesting story than the main characters but it's completely brushed aside.  It's appalling that they left this open for a sequel.

Avoid at all costs.

1/10 story
1/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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tsundere1ftw Oct 6, 2011

I agree, I'm just glad I dropped this one in time :D