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Soul Eater

Nov 20, 2020

Where do I even start? I'm a sucker for any anime or manga with a unique art style, so that was an automatic hook for me, but boy do I love everything else about it. Now, the reason I didn't give the story a full 10/10 is mainly because of how many ups and downs there were, but this anime played it off so well it always left me wanting more. I binged this in just a few days because I (and this might be the adhd talking) could barely think about anything but the cliffhanger I had just left off on. Sound? Matched perfectly with what was going on (well, as good as anime gets). Characters? The representation got me. Crona not having a gender and getting anxious about random things, Death the Kid and his OCD, not only is it relatable for people who don't get much recognition but it also plays along with the rest of the storyline. That's hard to do when you write a story, especially if that story is going to be animated. Unlike the anime, this review was horribly written and I do apologize for any mistakes as I'm not very good with writing.

9.9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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TeamAlex Nov 20, 2020

Yeah.. the Anime was ok i guess. I watched him too, first time 10 years ago. And now 1 year ago, to see what i watched as a Child. It was less amazing than i expected it to be. The Artstil is indeed very unique (you find the same in Fire Fore, they are from the Same Creator if you are interested).

But overall, Soul Eater was for me above Average but nothing else, biggest problem was the Story. It follows to Ep 24 the Manga (where Kishin was awaken) and then it takes a total different path and.. uw, you can smell how the quality changed from ep 20 - 30 and it had one of the most rushed and horrible final fights. 

If you like Soul Eater, the Manga is a lot better, not rushed like this, had better fights and story was not dropping this much.