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Allison laid back down and rest her head onto the pillow as she thought how amazing and explosive her time was. Her delicate lady parts ached and pulsated and she couldn't help but trace the outside of her vaginal area with her fingertip. The soreness was something she felt in her mind she liked and could get used to feeling. Like the feeling of stretching after working out and the feeling of her heartbeat settle back down. Slowly she drifted in and out of sleep. Her mind a haze only to be wake up by Rob's snoring. Hours had passed, when her alarm on the phone rang. It was now 12 midnight. She remembered her mother would be coming home soon. She slowly got out of the bed and she struggled to walk. The soreness between her legs made her waddle from Robs bedroom to the bathroom where her clothing was still damp from trying to dry.

Rob stirred from his sleep when he felt the weight of the bed shift. His eyes focus on Allison's backside lifting herself off the bed. The deep grooves on her back muscles showed in the light as she struggled to balance herself. Rob heard her hum as she steadied herself. Rob noticed the two little back dimples on her lower back and envisioned his name tattoo'ed between him. He watched as she waddled to take her phone off the dresser and as she leaned to steady herself in the doorway. Slowly waddling her bottle shaped torso towards the bathroom. Rob slowly got up. He looked at the clock and saw that hours had passed. It was midnight and he remembered Allison mentioning her mom would be home late after the store closed. He guessed Allison wanted to be home before her mother came home and thought this was the last time he would be seeing her. He got up from the bed and stood naked. Looked at himself in the mirror and just inflated his own ego when he looked at his half engorged cock pointing out. Seeing Allison's shapely back stirred from feeling from his madhood. Watching the dimples move back and forth while she struggled to walk towards the bathroom made Rob feel like a god. He remember how she screamed out how she was his cumslut and belonged only to him. He heard the door open to the bathroom and slowly made his way towards it family-sex

Allison gathered her clothing off the hangers in the bathroom and still felt her clothes still damp from being soaked in the rain. She felt the urge to pee and sat on the toilet; feeling how soaked her bra and panties were. She hoped they would be dry by now, but she still managed to put her feet through the openings of her thong. She sat motionless while she finished peeing when she looked up to see Rob standing in the doorway naked, looking at her.

"Hi, my clothes are still a little wet." she said to Rob.

Rob nodded and stepped toward her. His manhood hanging and swaying to and from. Allison lowered her eyes from Rob's to focus down on his manhood that was slowly becoming erect. Rob stood to the side of her and his cock was basically level with her mouth. Allison looked up at Rob and said:

"Wow, someones happy to see me."

"I saw you getting up from the bed and I hoped that it wasn't a dream." Rob replied.

"Well I have to go home soon. it's close to midnight and my mom should be home soon. I wouldn't want her to think I was out and about somewhere where I could get kidnapped or raped."

Rob heard that and his heart sank a little. It showed on his face. He was thinking the worst. He thought she would report him or call the cops on him. But Allison reached up with her left hand because it was closer to Rob's body and held Rob's half erect cock in her hand. She gave it a little tug and squeeze.

"But you cant rape the willing, right?" Allison said as she looked up into his eyes. Her Hazel colored half Asian eyes seem to make Rob's heart skip a beat while her hair was pulled to one side stirred up the lust that was building in Rob's loins.

With that she lifted her head and took half of Robs cock into her mouth. Her left hand squeezed down on his cock while she bobbed her head onto it. Making slurping noises and stroking his cock while looking up into his eyes. Stoke after stroke, Allison looked up at Rob with her eyes groaning came out of her lips with his cock in her mouth. Rob was getting hard. He reached down and pinched the nipple of her breast. Her perfect 18 year old 34C breasts rocked back and forth while she eagerly sucked on Rob's manhood. Rob leaned forward and held Allison's beautiful full C cup breasts in his hands while Allison took her right hand to cup and fondle Robs balls.

Rob was truly enjoying this. He took his hands away from mauling Allison's perfect 34C cup breasts and held Allison's head in his hands. He tilted her head to look up and him and he slowly pulled his cock in and out of her awaiting mouth. Her full lips covering his manhood going halfway until his head hit the back of her throat. Allison made some gagging sounds and Rob quickly pulled out of her mouth. Rob looked down at her and said:

"I want to open your jaw and take a deep breath asian sex sites/."

Allison nodded and did just that. Rob slowly pushed his cock into her mouth. he hit the back of Allison's throat and he said for her to breathe. Allison did as she was told. Rob pushed the rest of his cock down Allison's throat. Allison couldn't believe what she was doing. Next thing Allison knew was that her nose was touching Rob's navel. She could feel Rob's hard cock at the back and down her throat. Allison just pushed her hands up to her check and pinched her nipples.Allison let out a purr of agreement. Rob was in absolute ecstasy. He then slowly pulled his hard cock in and out of Allison's mouth, then steadily quickened the pace. He was face fucking Allison until a globs of her saliva was leaking out the sides of her mouth. Rob couldn't believe how easily he was able to make Allison do these wild acts. He wondered what else he would do to her.

The face fucking was truly enjoyable for Rob. It brought him back to the times he was in college just fucking any girl that would give him the time of day. Though hes never had anyone so willing to do such things. Allison looked at him with a tear that was starting to fall from her eye. Rob felt the urge building up in the head of his throbbing cock. He felt his balls ache and strain and he knew he was ready to let loose another load. He pulled out of Allison's waiting mouth and demanded to know from her.

"Where do you want it, Allison?"

"I want to taste it again!" Allison said loudly.

"Who are you, Allison?"

"I'm yours, Rob!" Allison said proudly again

"You didn't answer that correctly!" Rob demanded of her.

"I'm yours, Rob. I'M YOUR CUMSLUT! Give me your cum, Rob! Give me your cum, MASTER!"

Rob, upon hearing this knew he has something in his hands that he couldn't let go. He took his engorged cock and placed it on Allison's tongue and stroked himself until streams of his hot semen shot out of the tip of his cock. Five or six long streams of cum shot out of his penis and hit the back of Allison's throat only to pool in her mouth. Rob instantly took Allison's phone and gave it to her to unlock, which Allison did without hesitation. Rob pointed the camera at Allison's face and told her to look up. She looked up at Rob and he took a picture with his cock still at the tip of her mouth while the cum pooled around her tongue and cheeks. He gave her a nod, and Allison greedily swallowed his load and licked her lips after.

"Good, cumslut." Rob muddled underneath his breath. Allison just nodded.

Rob took her phone and sent himself the picture of his load and cock in her open mouth to himself. He pinched her rock hard nipple and walked out of the bathroom and said

"Get dressed."

Rob sat on the couch naked waiting for Allison to come out of the bathroom. She was dressed as she was before meeting Rob, Except she wasn't wearing her bra. Rob could see her nipples piercing out of the fabric of her school uniform. The taught white shirt and two very hard nipples poking out from them. She had put on her skirt but had hike it up even high that it is normally worn and the hem line was about halfway down her thigh. Just seeing her waddle out into the living room sent images through Rob's mind. She looked like she belonged on a cover of a schoolgirl porno. Rob leaned his head back on the couch and muttered an oh my god to himself.

Allison slowly waddled over to Rob and sat beside him on his right, on the couch. She placed her head on his shoulder and and reached over to hold his cock. Rob let out a groan as he felt Allison's warm hand take hold hold of his now flaccid penis. She said to him.

"I want to thank you for keeping me out of the rain today, Master. I don't want you to worry. I wont tell anyone about what we did today."

"You can call me Rob, Allison." Rob told her.

"I like calling you Master. Its fun.I hope we can keep doing this. You make me feel good big ass pictures."


Rob agreed, while slowly stroking the small of Allison's back, Moving his hand down to her butt and sliding his hand underneath his skirt to feel her bare ass wet vagina.

"I left my bra and thong up here. they're still wet. I'll just have to come back and get it another time. If that's okay with you."

"Yes, of course it is." Rob replied.

Rob was now massaging Allison's wet vagina and feeling her tight anus with his middle finger. A small gasp came out of Allison's mouth while Rob did this and her grip on Rob's penis got tighter. Allison purred at the thought of anal. She had seen many pictures online and movies on her phone but was still a little cautious about it. It looked painful but enjoyable at the same time.

Rob got up from the couch and went to the TV stand. He unhooked a key from the wall and told Allison to crawl over. Allison sat up on the couch and crawled over on all fours. Her shapely butt and apple bottom shaped ass swayed with her uniform skirt. She crawled over to Rob and sat upright on her knees and looked up at Rob.

"This keys, are the keys to the apartment. These are yours. You are free to give them back to me whenever you want. But if you keep them, I expect you to be like this in the center of my living room when I come home. Or whenever you decide to come over. I want you to be on your knees sitting upright on the center of the rug. Is that understood?" Rob said sternly.

"Yes, Master." Allison replied.

"And another thing. Now that you're calling me Master, I want a name for you. You're now known as Jade."

Allison looked up at Rob. Her eyes widened Little did Rob know that Jade was actually her middle name. A big smile appeared on Allison's face.

"Yes, Master. I am Jade. Jade, your cumslut."

As she took the keys from Robs hand and he petted her head with delight.

Another ring from the alarm on Allison's phone went off. With that Allison looked up at Rob. They knew it was time for her to go. And with that Rob grabbed the back of Allison's head by her strawberry blonde hair.

"Text me when you get home." Rob said sternly at her.

"Yes, Master." Allison replied as she got up, pulled her skirt down to the normal length. She hurried and grabbed her books and book bag; put on her shoes and marched towards the door.

"Wait, Jade!" Rob mentioned.

Rob, walked over to Allison, and took her face in his hands. He leaned forward and placed a long wet kiss on her lips and pulled her close. Allison instinctively wrapped her arms around Rob;s waist and stood on the tips on her shoes to meet his kiss. It was a long and sensual kiss. Rob moved his hands along Allison's body and ended up with his hand on her crotch. He could feel the warmth from her vagina through her skirt as he rubbed Allison's lady parts in circles. Allison let out a low moan as Rob pulled away from the kiss. Allison's legs were more wobble than before as she looked up to meet Rob's eyes vr free sites.

"Thank you, Master."

She sheepish uttered out as she opened the door and stepped into the hallway. As she walked towards the elevator she looked down at the set of keys in her hands and a devilish smile started to form on her mouth.

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