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              Hi there thank you for checking out my profile. 
I have recently started watching anime well not really since I watched Pokémon during my childhood but I have watched anime more frequently and know what it is. I have watched anime with knowing what it really was during January of 2021. My first anime other than Pokémon was The Rising of the Shield Hero. 

      My top 5 favorite anime so far that I've watched would be:


                                    Hunter x Hunter    



                        Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood  




                     Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion


                                   Steins Gate


           Anime that I am currently watching would be:             



                             Attack on Titan  (S3)                              



                                 Soul Eater


                                 Blue Period                 



                               Jujutsu Kaisen 


               My Top 5 Favorite Male Characters In Anime:


                               Noragami- Yato


                              Code Geass- Lelouch


                                  HxH- Killlua


                                    FMA/FMAB- Ed



                              Steins Gate- Okabe

                  My Top 5 Favorite Female Characters In Anime:    



                              Steins Gate- Kurisu



                               Toradora- Taiga


                The Rising of The Shield Hero- Raphtalia



                              Noragami- Hiyori


                            Angle Beats- Kanade

                     My top 5 disliked characters: 



           Malty Melromarc- The Rising of the Shield Hero 



                           Shou Tucker- FMA/FMAB



                       Nina Einstein- Code Geass



                        Charles V Britannia- Code Geass



                 Eclair Tonerre- Ouran High School Host Club

Sites I watch anime on: Netflix, animixplay, and crunchyroll vrv.

Anyways feel free to leave comments on my profile of any anime recommendations and if you want to follow me that's fine too. Plus I will follow u back as soon as i'm active. :)

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