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If you're looking for a bunch of cliches and god-awful but good looking characteres, then this ties with Diabolik Lovers. Actually, it's below that. I picked this up, falling in love with the art, only to be disappointed over how simple and stupid the plot was. The "story" is that a young rich girl doesn't want to get an arranged marriage- against her father's wishes. He sets the condition that he won't force her as long as she is able to live on her own and make a huge sum of money. SHe accepts this challenge and ends up working as a maid for these three rich dudes who trick her into doing a bunch of really stupid things. The plot may progress later on, this is simply a plot summary of the first 20 or so chapters. Besides the heavy mysoginistic plot points, the story also falls short of devveloping a compelling main character who is competent in literally anything, of developing a love interest who isn't an absolute dirtbag or an idiot, and for having any interesting relationships between the characters. This is an absolute waste of time to read.

3/10 story
9/10 art
1/10 characters
4/10 overall

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