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Super Crooks

Nov 29, 2021

Its not Great Pretenders good, but this show didn't disappoint - knocked it out in a day and enjoyed how the story flowed.

I will admit its not perfect by any means - certain storylines seem rushed while others drag on but overall if you pay attention there is a lot to take in. The beginning has some interesting fight and chase sequences and the animation and art style are appealing, though maybe not too refined/polished.

I do think that the chracters were lacking in this, in tems of in depth personalities and development which made the last episode and lead up to it seem a little jarring. Though I did enjoy the different types of supers we got to see - some were typical, while others were a total surpirse!

I've always loved an antihero plotline and think the contrast between "hero" and "villian" in this is where they got to play around with the viewers perception of good vs. evil, which i like.

The music was great through out the show, including the sound design. I did mainly watch the dub but i did enjoy all the voice actors from both versions. Kudos to the voice actors, becuase they kept you immersed in the plot. The intro and outro - both songs by Towa Tei set the mood.

I'm not that good at giving reviews without spoiling things, so i hope this was helpful  (~n.n~)

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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